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Independent Australia doesn't write about Britney Spears cellulite.

We're too busy digging up things people in power wish we wouldn't.

Stand back everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence, who's not known for calling a shovel a spade, is digging into claims by the top end of town that not selling the Australian Stock Exchange to Singapore has compromised Australia's sovereignty.

She says that's a load of complete bollocks!

She'll put it a little more eloquently when she files the story behind the story later this weekend. But then again...maybe not!

...getting dug up soon!

Senior Correspondent Barry Everingham will be rattling the skeletons in the Liberal Party closet. There's a quiet war going on between the hard right and the moderates in South Australia. He'll be does the right maintain factional control?

You might want to stand well back when you see their tactics...there will be blood!

...also on the dig!!

Managing editor David Donovan will be presenting the strange case of the Royal Coach Britannia. Why did John Howard give a Sydney man $300,000 of taxpayers' money for a private gift to the Queen — including transportation costs to the Palace? And why is it still sitting in Sydney when it's been finished for over three years?

And he's also on the hunt for the vicious two-headed Queensland LNP monster.

Hold your nose, some of the things he's bringing to the surface may smell a bit...

Independent Australia: the journal that couldn't give a fiddlers know:

We're interested in finding out what's really behind the news.

Keep watching Independent Australia or keep being kept in the dark.

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