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Senior correspondent Barry Everingham says the need for a trusted and reliable news source like Independent Australia has never been greater.

by Barry Everingham

When the editor and founder of this site decided two years ago there was a need for a truly independent look at what is and was making Australia tick, he was surely looking into a crystal ball.

The chilling media events of the past week have underscored the absolute need for an independent voice – the Fairfax model, until now a truly independent voice – will soon be trashed by the Girl of the Golden West; she comes to us with all guns blazing and with a reputation.

What she has done to her children will fade into insignificance when she achieves what is surely her aim — a vehicle to carry forth her objections to a mining tax. Who will ever forget the sight of that woman standing on the back of a truck crying poor?

And her right wing baying at the moon mates will surely have convinced her that Climate Change is a Communist ploy for world domination. After all, she is mate of that craziest of loons, “Lord” Christopher Monckton.

Then there’s the empire of Citizen Murdoch – after his and his empire’s reputation has been trashed in a London court.

Have these people no shame?

In my case, I was proud of the opportunity to join David’s team.

Here, I was able to illustrate the daily idiocy of the drivel Professor David Flint wrote on his blog in support of a foreign monarchy.

I think my efforts may have borne some fruit.

The drivel is still there and, in this royal anniversary year, it’s as sickening as ever but  no longer under Flint’s by line; it’s still written by him, of course, but is now published under the by-line of “ACM”.

I am proud my editor has given me space to underscore the disgraceful behavior of most of Tony Abbott’s front bench acolytes and Abbott’s thrall to the likes of John Howard and George Pell.

David Donovan is a giant of a man. Long may it be so.

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