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The current tour of a few Australian states by our next king and queen has been a real fizzer, a waste of money and, for the couple themselves, surely a waste of time, writes senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

Charles and Camilla's arrival at the Melbourne Cup (sponsored by Lexus)

Here’s me thinking the former Australian woman, Princess Michael of Kent, was the only royal who would do anything  and go anywhere for a free lunch ― her word’s, not mine!

If Charles and his long-time mistress − now his wife − are all the Brits can serve up, it’s London to a brick we’ll become a Republic when we have the next one ― and when that happens, John Howard’s sticky fingers will not be all over it as it was in the last rigged one.

Australian monarchists  should really get hold of a tape of Governor General Quentin Bryce’s speech when she presented the Victoria Cross to that remarkably brave young warrior Corporal Alan Keighran ― Her Excellency was speaking from the heart without  a note in sight.

I know comparisons  are odious, but in all my years of reporting and watching the royals, I’ve yet to see one of them, including our own head of state (who Tony Wedgwood Benn once remarked couldn’t say “hello” unless it was scripted) make an extempore speech.

And at the same time, there is a lesson to be learned from the re-elected President of the United States who, in his speech after his second term was confirmed this week, told all Americans − whatever their race, creed, colour or sexual orientation − they could make it their country’s top job.

That hope is denied all Australians.

And while ever we are shackled to the House of Windsor, with its out-dated and ridiculous rules of succession, not one of us has any hope of become this nation’s Head of State.

I’m hoping all Australians watching the arrival of the odd couple in Queensland squirmed as I did when the Liberal politicians wives actually dropped a curtsey to the couple. The Governor General, to her great credit , did not.

And speaking of politicians, I notice that on Professor David Flint’s personal website, he heaps praise on two of our most appalling politicians – the potty mouthed Sophie Mirabella and the Upper House member of the Victorian Parliament, Bernie Finn ― who when people see him approach them, even fellow Liberals, run a mile rather than risk an encounter.

Flint is caught out telling another porkie ― this time that ACM is not affiliated with any political party.  Tell that to the dreadful Cory Bernardi, the digraceful Alan Jones, and that old has been Fred Nile (who, incidentally, loathes  and is frightened of homosexuals) ― all of whom are adored by Flint.

ACM would have us believe that William and Kate will make all Australians committed monarchists ― which is just so much tripe.

They are undoubtedly a most attractive young couple, but they are celebrities who happen to be royal and as such should not be taken seriously as future king and queen of Australia.

Anymore than Charles and Camilla need to stake that claim.

We have millions of Australians who would do the job better without the need for the outdated trappings of a foreign royal court.

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