The coldness of May

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Roy McKeen has hit a raw nerve with the Flat Earth Society and the North Shore Blue Rinse Set, both organizations suitably headed by Professor David Flint and his English ex-seminarian sidekick Tom Flynn, says Barry Everingham.

Both blokes…oops, sorry Dave for using such an Australian expression…are using the ACM’s younger set to do their bidding. Usually its Dave’s favorite, Jai Martinkovitz, who seems to be overtaken by Mark Legge; don’t know what’s happening there!

Mark is hissing and tut tutting just like Dave because Roy rightly drew readers’ attention to the Pope’s membership of the Hitler Youth Organization and the Queen of England’s German genes.

Let’s get a few more facts here.

A few weeks ago Dave Flint got all excited about the Queen’s granny, Queen Mary who was a great great granddaughter of the barking mad King George III.

Prince Albert Victor or 'Eddy' to his friends

She was also Queen Victoria’s cousin. Mary was a penniless minor royal from an obscure German family. She was engaged to marry the future Edward VII’s eldest son, Eddy, who was a frequenter of London’s many male brothels and eventually succumbed to the hideousness of VD.

Victoria, who had no idea that Eddy was as gay as summer day, approved the engagement thinking Mary, or May as she was known, would be a good influence on the boy.

‘May was lucky he went so early – but bitterly disappointed. Her German family, the Tecks, was dirt poor and this was her passport to wealth and station.

Victoria decided that May should marry Eddy’s next brother, George, who became George V.

The couple were as anal retentive as can be…they had six children – five boys and a girl, all withdrawn, all misfits, all neglected by their parents.

Their eldest, David, became Edward VIII but abdicated so he could marry his already divorced American mistress and as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor became the king and queen of the international café society set.

The next son Bertie became George VI and married the late Queen Mother who, with the help an Australian speech therapist, tried to cure him of a serious stutter brought about by his appalling treatment by May and George in the boy’s childhood.

The next son, John, was autistic and epileptic.

Queen 'May'

This was something May didn’t count on so she shuttled him off to a country cottage and literally ignored him. His elder brother, David, remarked to his then mistress Freda Dudley Ward, that John, when he died aged 13, “was more of an animal than anything else and I don’t see why I should go into mourning”.

Such was the coldness of May; the boy’s name seldom even appeared on the family tree.

They had two other sons, Harry Duke of Gloucester who was a onetime Governor General of Australia and Edward Duke of Kent whose claim to fame was being Noel Coward’s lover, and a daughter, Mary who was normal in ever sense of the word.

In a later piece I will outline the German connection to “the royal family of Australia”, as Dave Flint so quaintly calls them!  
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