Quentin Bryce: our head of state in waiting

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Barry Everingham

Barry Everingham says that our current Governor General, Quentin Bryce, would make an excellent Australian head of state. When Australia becomes Republic – not “if” but “when” – we will be fortunate to have a woman ready and able to replace the Queen of England as our very own head of state. Quentin Bryce, the current representative of the Queen is a quintessential Australian and there wouldn’t have been a single person watching her present the Melbourne Cup Tuesday who would disagree. Looking stunning and behaving impeccably she sounded like an Australia and in her speech she used Australian idioms – talking about putting “money with the bookies”.

Governor General Quentin Bryce

IT'S NOT OFTEN somebody in the public eye as much as she is never manages to put a foot wrong. Of course early in her job the lunar Right – ably headed by Piers Akerman and Andrew Bolt – got stuck into her for undertaking a trip through Africa. What escaped them was that Ms Bryce did what her boss – the Prime Minister – ordered her to do. When Tony Blair pulled the Queen into line after the death of Princess Diana, so Quentin Bryce took off for Africa because that’s what Kevin Rudd wanted her to do. Ms Bryce has an impeccable background — personally and professionally. With her what we see is what we get and what a prize she is. Long may she reign — now as Governor General and later as the President of the Republic of Australia. It is impossible to believe that Professor David Flint wants Prince William to be his mother’s representative in Canberra. Another reason why we must bring on the Republic as soon as possible. Charles as King, Camilla as Queen, William as GG. What an hilarious scenario!  
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