Prince Charles: Camilla will be Queen

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Barry Everingham

Prince Charles has confirmed on American television that his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, will one day be Queen Camilla. Barry Everingham comments.

DAVID FLINT must be very busy indeed wiping masses of egg from his face — it now seems that Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles long time mistress – and now his wife – will be Queen Camilla after all.

For the first time since his marriage to the woman he so raunchily told all he wanted to be was her tampon, Charles has opened a can of worms.

He told the US TV network NBC that Camilla “could be crowned queen”.

Of course she will be — we have been trying to tell Flint this for ages.

The UK royals do not go along with morganatic marriages – that is a woman of a “lower rank “deprived the use of the feminine form of his title. 

It would be outrageous in the 21st Century even by the ridiculous standards of the royals and David Flint if Camilla didn’t become queen when, and if ever, Charles becomes king.

Now let’s offer Flint some facts of life on this matter.

When Edward VIII abdicated he was created HRH the Duke of Windsor. He then  married his twice divorced American mistress and she became the Duchess of Windsor but was quite illegally denied the status of royal highness.

When the egregious Marie Christine von Reibnitz (from Sydney), a divorced Roman Catholic, married the Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, she got the full works and became HRH Princess Michael of Kent, but hubby was declared non-royal because he married a divorced woman who is a a Catholic and his name was removed from the Line of Succession. Their children, not Catholics, do however remain on the list.

When William and Kate get married she becomes HRH Princess William of Wales.

The gorgeous Diana, so loved by millions, was erroneously called Princess Di — when she and Charles were married she was officially HRH the Princess of Wales. When they divorced she opted to drop the HRH – she got in before the Palace insisted she drop it – and she became  the Princess of Wales.

Had Charles married Camilla while Diana was alive she’d have become Diana, Princess of Wales.

I can’t believe I’m writing all this ridiculous cloud cuckoo land crap, but there is a reason or two.

Firstly, it illustrates just how just how irrelevant the royals are to an egalitarian society such ours. Secondly, it shows just how out of touch Flint, the Flat Earthers and Sydney blue rinse set are.  
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