Flint vents spleen at Amanda Vanstone

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Amanda Vanstone’s excellent scenario to involve the Queen in the inevitable change to our constitution has really got David Flint’s hair in a mess. Barry Everingham wonders if the message has at last sunk in.

Professor Flint has been slow off the mark this week — his absolute obsession with the upcoming London wedding has pushed everything else into the background. It took him three days to read Amanda’s piece; IA reported it the next day.

And to vent his nasty spleen, Flint used one of the worst pictures ever taken of Vanstone to display his foot stamping, lip pursing displeasure.

Frankly, I am, as many  of ACM’s “supporters” – who pay membership fees but are denied the right to call themselves members, and who keep in regular touch with me to let me know what’s happening in the Flint/Flynn circus – also are, sick and tired of Flint’s inability to recognise there are Australians – good, decent Australians – who have the right to want a change to the constitution without having to be subjected to his tirades and half truths about what he sees as the mayhem a change will cause.

In Australia, we have that absolute freedom — I’m not sure if Flint agrees.

Amanda Vanstone suggested Australia should acknowledge and respect the Queen in the new Republic, earning her the ire of David Flint

For her temerity in making the suggestions she did, Flint went totally overboard, demanding that The Age correct what he saw as errors, though he didn’t make the same demands to the Sydney Morning Herald which ran the same story.

He even demanded – yes, demanded – that Vanstone name her sources for some of the content in her yarn. As if, professor.

Flint has no trouble in dredging up any past demeanours of his detractors, none of whom as far as I can see ever wrote the type of letter Flint did to his great friend Alan Jones after he’d sworn on oath he hardly knew the broadcaster. Wow, if that was a letter to a mere acquaintance, I‘d bet a letter from Flint to someone he really liked would be a corker.

Flint’s ongoing obsession is with what he calls “royal watchers” and their ability to get their information in the public eye. He’s in a real spin about Andrew’s alleged Arab connections. Well, Dave old boy, all I can say is: watch this space, mate. All will soon be revealed.

In any case, Flint is one of the most obsessive royal watchers around and he gets his information from information they publish. He must be an obsessive media groupie.

Back to Amanda Vanstone.

I have sent her piece, and my comments which followed in IA, to many people in England and guess what?

In the main their replies were: it would really show respect to the Queen.  
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