Dear David, royalty is boring

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Regular IA contributor Barry Everingham writes an open letter to his long-time acquaintance, David Flint.

Dear David,

I am a fan of your website—the one you and Tom Flynn have hijacked just as you both have hijacked the organisation Australians for Constitutional Monarchy. The site is well presented – crisp, good colour – but with dreadful content  (though always good for a laugh).

Do you and Tom realize that Australians are almost totally disinterested in the doings of the British royal family? Can you guys get your heads around the fact that the doings of Wills and Harry are boring. Like, the other day when I read you gushing over Wills going to his Air Force base to serve Christmas Dinner and that Kate had Christmas with “her immediate family”. What! Who cares?

Whatever possessed you guys to mention that most of the royals walked through the snow to church but the Queen drove. For God’s sake, what kind of blokes are you?

The style you use and the content you publish was trashed by The Australian Womens Weekly twenty years ago. I know Tom is a Pom and has no Australian DNA, but surely you’d know better after all those years you spent at Bondi Beach public school.

Through the year, the crap you have come up with about a possible restoration of the Greek royal family is side-splitting. You cite the excitement of a random bunch of Athens cab drivers as an indication of a return. Mate, the Greek royals are Nazis in the main...remember Queen Frederica? The Greeks regard them as yesterday’s people; they're not coming back.

You gush and mush over anyone with a touch of the purple. Get over it. Hereditary royalty is becoming a thing of the past.

Many republicans will be pissed off by this letter—they say you are the best advocate for a Republic!

So, lets hear some stuff about Australians; not ethnic German foreigners. You might even help your cause, though I'm sure you know in your heart it's already a lost one.

Cheers David,

Barry Everingham  
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