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Independent Australia has done more to expose banking fraud and corruption than, perhaps, any other contemporary Australian publication. One of its major contributors in this area is Dr Evan Jones, who here explains why Independent Australia is "absolutely indispensible".

INDEPENDENT AUSTRALIA is absolutely indispensible for investigative journalism

We know about Murdoch – despicable – but also Fairfax are huge failures consistently.... So, IA are absolutely necessary.

IA has the full spectrum of contributors and opinions.

Bob Ellis out there with his marvellous polemics. Then there's the investigations, ongoing, including Peter Wicks on Kathy Jackson; the ones on Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson. Then the environmental coverage — Sandi Keane, who is absolutely necessary reading.

And then there's the valiant editor, David Donovan, who gives the contributors that word length, which is essential for exposés and which I need for my work on bank corruption.


Then there's the marvellous graphics — John Graham, peerless at the moment and Gee's humour on the side.

So, keep it up Independent Australia.

Dr Evan Jones

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