Visa applications from China and Malaysia surge due to 'poor policy'

The Coalition Government says the surge in asylum applications from Chinese and Malaysian citizens ...  
Does the latest Westpac challenge really shock?

Despite the Royal Commission, Westpac operates with a degree of brazen immunity and it's hard to ...  
Attacks and defiance plague progress on wages and jobs

Rather than working to fix the country's wage growth problem, politicians have instead resorted to ...  
The banking system putting pressure on consumers

New laws are designed to trap us in a web of digital debt, writes Simon Cole.  
Mathias Cormann, Minister for Financial Fudges

Several assertions repeated regularly by the Finance Minister do not stand up to scrutiny.  
Real estate collapse: Purplebricks' road to ruin

Purplebricks' short stay in the Australian market didn't go well, reports Tarric Brooker.  
Australia's universities are over-reliant on overseas students

Australian universities are too dependent on overseas students, leaving them vulnerable to poli ...  
Retailers also thrown on the Coalition’s scrapheap

Along with pensioners, Newstart recipients and low-income earners, the Morrison Government has now ...  
NBN sale ruled out — taxpayers to pay instead

It seems the NBN will not be sold, for now, but it remains a political football, which can be ...  
Josh Frydenberg goes full Trump on the Reserve Bank

Josh Frydenberg roped RBA Governor Phillip Lowe into belting out a rendition of ‘Everything is ...  
The Coalition now serves foreign corporations first and foremost

The accumulation of evidence that the Liberal and National parties work for foreign interests is ...  
Lies, damned lies and tax cuts statistics

Former Head of Finance Michael Keating debunks an SMH article that suggests the Morrison Gove ...  
The ALP, modern monetary theory and an Australian Green New Deal

The ALP might have had a better chance at the election by offering a Green New Deal inspired by ...  
Christmas Island: The $185 million 'unhinged stunt'

A few short weeks after announcing it would reopen Christmas Island Detention Centre, the Gover ...  
Post #BankingRC, public trust will only 'trickle down' from Government action

There is more to businesses building trust than corporate leopards simply saying they will change ...  
Note to the Liberals: A budget surplus doesn't make sense

Dr Steven Hail writes that, contrary to conventional economic thinking, government surpluses don't ...  
The death of competition?

Are we approaching a new economic period where competition is but a distant memory, replaced by ...  
Banking Royal Commission: The work has only just begun

Even if all the 76 recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission were to be implemented, not ...  
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