Why do people believe Tony Abbott?

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From his ever-changing small business pulpit,  the Petulant Priest expounds incessantly about the end of the world, but how much credibility does he have? According to Denise Allen, absolutely none.

by former Benalla MP Denise Allen.

What is it that makes people believe Tony Abbott? For some strange inexplicable reason, it never seems to occur to people that he may well be, well, lying to you — just to get your vote.

For over 18 months now, Abbott has been rampaging around the nation like a door-to-door snake-oil salesman — dropping in on every single manufacturing business he thinks will let him in the door and give him a platform for his manipulative and calculating Chinese whispers.

Of course, many do believe him as he bleats endlessly about his cynically concocted scare-mongering version of Armageddon. Hellfire and damnation, preaches Tony!

‘Oh verily, this evil carbon tax – brought in by that lying, evil, satanic witch – will tear the sky asunder and make it fall in upon your heads ... and the world as we know it will end on July 1. Repent all ye sinners! The end is nigh! Doom, doom, DOOM!’

For over 18 tedious months, Abbott has ranted and railed against the Government’s carbon tax — a pricing method, let’s not forget, that he said himself was “the best way to price carbon”.

Now, of course, he conveniently forgets that he was once the great purveyor and an ardent supporter of that which he so vehemently condemns.

Quite frankly, the Abbott has no shame. He brazenly stands on his pulpit, day after day, telling twisted, scheming,  lies – like a modern Rasputin (or maybe an “obstructionist Capuchin”, in the words of an immortal) – as if he alone has always been the most righteous, honest, moralistic, ethical person that ever was — who can do and say no wrong.  In actual fact, The Priestly Man is a blatant liar — and most certainly a fraud.

He slithers around the countryside like the black plague, infecting the minds of the people – willingly, in some unaccountable cases – with his toxic bag of lies and drivel — obviously rendering them all but incapable of thinking for themselves because with monotonous regularity they all robotically parrot his lying rhetoric. It would never occur to them to check the facts for themselves. The Abbott is the great pretender, claiming to be the almighty saviour of the world…

“Vote for me…I’ll save you!”

….From what?

From the gospel truth, maybe?

Or from a price on pollution, to reduce emissions by 5 per cent — the exact same target he and his clueless colleagues have themselves agreed to?

From a price that Treasury and (so far) three State Governments have proved will have minimal effect on the cost of some goods and services — and for which millions will be compensated for?

Oh, but Cardinal Abbott and his team think they have a much better plan — a plan that includes, among other things, planting 20 million trees, though they haven’t said where. And they also haven’t said who; maybe the some of the public servants they plan to sack and put into a forced Work for the Dole program? And how much will it cost? Well…according to their CC policy on their website its only going to cost them $5 per tree! Yes, a forced labour work for the dole program it is — just like the UK Tories utilised during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

They are also going to pay the biggest polluters billions – out of consolidated revenue – not to pollute! Isn’t that like blackmail? That’s giving our money to rich people so they don’t mess up our environment. Anyway, at the end of the day, we will be paying the price — which according to Treasury estimates, will be in the vicinity of $1,400 per year out of your pocket. And remember — no compensation!

On the other hand, Labor’s policy of making the big polluter pay a price for the pollution they create and they spew into the atmosphere – and then using that money to compensate you for the very minor increase in prices – will actually make millions of middle to low income Australians better off.

So, having a carbon tax will make ordinary people better off — yet the Abbott’s policy will make everyone worse off!

This is what I don’t get — why do gullible people believe him? Where is the sense in that?

And if (and it is a pretty big if, regardless of what the mainstream media cheer squads might tell you) Abbott is ever made PM — he is going to rip all that compensation, all those tax breaks – including the raising of the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,000 – away and give the money to the big polluters.

Not only that, he also intends to give Australian women the worlds most expensive paid maternity leave. That will be, get this folks — A GREAT BIG NEW TAX on business, making $5 million in taxable profits; a $2.7billion tax!

So, for all the single people and DINKs out there who are constantly complaining about “missing out on a hand out”, you along with every other working Australian will be paying, by way of increased, prices — for wealthy women to have babies.

So, what do we have so far?

Firstly, all compensation ripped away from you — your hard earnt tax dollars going in a great big handout to big polluters to not pollute

Secondly, businesses being slugged with a GREAT BIG NEW TAX that will force them to increase prices just so wealthy women will be paid well for having a baby. Yup, stuff the poor little working woman on $30,000 to 40,000 a year, because the Great Big New Tax on business will also pay for the paid maternity leave but on a much lower scale — whereas Labor’s policy is fair and equitable and every new mother gets the same, no matter what their pay scale.

So, according to Abbott, it’s ok to pay big polluters your taxes not to pollute and put a GBNT on business to pay women to have babies — but it’s not ok to tax to big polluters for poisoning our planet?

Oh — and he is going to cancel the mining tax that will allow the Australian people to share in the multi billions of dollars the industry generates out of the resources that belong to all Australians; wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, except of course the likes of Gina, Clive and to a lesser extent Twiggy. So take all that out of your weekly income, benefits and super, everyone — that’s fair.

Mark my words, Abbott will put up the GST if he ever get to be PM — because it will be the only way he could possibly make up for his huge $70 billion black hole.

Do people believe The Monk because they simply don’t like the Prime Minister? Or is it that they have believed the rampant scaremongering of the nation’s commercial shock jocks – some of whom have the credibility of a slug – when they spew their venom about the PM “lying”, when in actual fact she simply compromised due to being faced with a minority Government; something Abbott himself would have done had the Independents given him the nod — and they didn’t because they didn’t trust him, didn’t believe he would be a good negotiator and certainly didn’t believe he would be a good PM.

For 18 months now, the mainstream media have barracked for The Mad Monk like rabid Collingwood supporters, have given him free rein to perpetuate his toxic drivel at every moment and have never once taken him to task nor challenged him to – not only provide the proof about the things he has been saying that has scared the living daylights out of the electorate – but to explain to the people how his climate change policy will stack up — and how all his blood oaths will affect the budget bottom line.

And this is not the only thing he has lied to the people about. I don’t have enough space to go into everything else, but the refugee issue alone is a whole new topic on its own!

The Abbott has very cleverly manipulated the debate by worming his way into the minds of the people, infecting them like a terminal disease with his noxious mendacity about how the world as we know will end come July 1.

When the world doesn’t collapse on July 1, we will be owed an apology, but don’t expect that from The Monk — he will just seamlessly move on to a new scare campaign.

You mark my words.

Why would people trust, or vote for a man with a smirk worse than Peter Costello’s, who just loves being seen in his itsy-bitsy teeny weenie red speedos and once trained for the priesthood? I mean, there really is something intrinsically sick about that…

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