by senior correspondent Barry Everingham
Tony Abbott’s scare campaign has been dealt a death-blow and the crazy opposition leader will be looking for a rock to climb under.

Perhaps Andrew Bolt can make room for him under his, because the sceptics cannot keep peddling their lies when the names of some of Australia’s most respected and influential opinion makers have come out in favour of carbon pricing, saying it is fundamental to reducing emissions.

And just who are those Australians who wrote to the newspapers yesterday, adding their illustrious names and reputations to bring the debate to some kind of completion?

Fiona Stanley, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, David de Kretser, Pat McGorry, Sir Gus Nossal and Ian Kiernan.

I have no idea what their politics are — I don’t know if they are from the left or the right; in any case, it seems to me that today the most unlikely people belong to the most unlikely political parties.

As an example, I know a poor old bloke who has been a labourer all his life and he votes Liberal.

Turn the coin over and I can trot out a millionaire many times over who has always given his vote (and a lot of his money) to the ALP.

Back to Tony Abbott.

He no doubt will be on the phone to Margie after yesterday’s Newspoll in The Australian telling her to get ready for The Lodge and Kirribilli House.

Hold your horses Mr Abbott.

Julia’s rating today is parallel to Howard’s in the early 2000’s, during his first term and even with the dead wood he was carrying then — many of whom are still on Abbott’s front bench.

If there are no major upsets – like a by-election which goes pear shaped – Gillard will be around in two years ready to fight another day.

Julie Bishop
She will face a gaggle of yesterday’s politicians – like Bronwyn and Julie Bishop, Kevin Andrews, Phil Ruddock, just to name a few – all the faces that are still the Liberals future.

Abbott owes his job to people like those mentioned and even he should realise the newcomers under a Turnbull Opposition will be given a go.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of Julie Bishop, I notice the Murdoch media doesn’t have the obsession with her marital status as it does with Gillard’s.

La Bishop is single, childless and in a stable relationship with a bloke.

But of course a Bishop story would provide balance — that word and the Murdoch media is an oxymoron.

And for sheer tripe, have a look at Bolt in yesterday’s Herald Sun — his constituency has been whipped into a frenzy of hatred for Julia Gillard.

What drives Bolt when Gillard’s name comes up is something only a shrink could fathom, but whatever it is, its seem it very unhealthy and bordering on the dangerous.

But then again, Bolt rather likes Sarah Palin, so enough said.  

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