Tony Abbott: The Loaded Dog of Australian politics

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It is certain Abbott will not survive, politically, his Brisbane weekend among the world’s leaders.

It is not certain when he will be overthrown. But there is no other probability, any more.

His whinge about his domestic troubles in his opening statement; his attempt, for months, to keep climate change off the agenda; his physical threat to Putin and his demand, in Beijing, that Putin give him blood money; his genial handshake with the Evil One, at last, in Brisbane; his weird joke that he was on a “unity ticket” with him; and his rallying cry on behalf of coal: these mistakes ‒ plus Hockey’s bizarre assertion that climate change and the economy were “not connected” ‒ have made him seem an innumerate and a diplomatic disaster, like Borat or Billy McMahon, and an embarrassment for us, his people.

Nothing much will happen to him before November 29.

But if, then, that night, Daniel Andrews’ victory is considerable, and Palmer gains control of the Upper House, it is possible he will fall in the following fortnight, and Bishop, Turnbull, Dutton, Robb or Hunt replace him.

It is no longer acceptable that he represent us, or speak for us, in the counsels of the world. He seems a whack-head, a sort of Loaded Dog, and too big a risk to our economy, and our security, in every direction.

On his watch, the deficit has doubled. Our military have been insulted. Our old people betrayed. Our young people threatened with a $¼ of a million bill for their degree, and a $2 million dollar bill for their dwelling.

He and Morrison have threatened children with a 100 years’ imprisonment on Nauru, covered up a murder, and collaborated in the kidnap and torment of some innocents, and the sending back of some others to torture, squalor and death. He has proposed some children go to Cambodia, where they may become child whores to sustain their families.

He has proposed young people seasonally sacked from fast food cafes get no money for six months while seeking other, similar work in shrinking country towns.

He has committed us to a 20 year war we will not win against crucifying terrorists now occupying oil-rich land the size of Britain. He is spending billions on a twilight war with ‘dickheads’, who still seem able to get to Syria and fight there.

He is ethnic cleansing 100 Aboriginal communities from the map of Western Australia.

By these and other means, he has made ten million Australians ashamed of their nationality.

He may survive a few more months, but the weight of his accumulated dunderheadedness has ensured he will topple and fall, unpleasantly, before the end of 2015.

And so it goes.

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