Time for Mirabella to take her pills

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Why did Sophie Mirabella tell her Liberal Party colleague Bill Heffernan to "take his pills”? IA senior correspondent Barry Everingham shines a light.

Sophie Mirabella
Sophie Mirabella – whose mouth is the very foulest in the Australian Parliament – is a stand out example of the care that should be taken to select suitable candidates for safe seats.

Against all odds, and to the horror of Liberal Party chieftains, she unexpectedly rolled the mild mannered Dan Tehan — now the well respected Member for Wannon.

Mirabella has been mired in controversy since her election.

She famously told this writer to “get fucked” after he exposed her friendship with one of Australia’s most disgraced Liberal politicians, Noel Crichton Brown — who had just been expelled from the Party.

Mirabella, then Panopolous, was being carted around the electorate of Indi, showing her off like some prize cow to the farming community.

This dreadful woman is never slow to throw insults to those who attract her ire, including members of her own Party, where there are plenty who would rather be seen dead than talking to her —  Senator Bill Heffernan is a case in point.

Now the 68 y.o. Bill is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s see through Mirabella for what she is — and it can only be imagined what he thought when she screeched at him he should take “his Alzheimer’s pills” at a recent Joint Party meeting.

Mirabella left herself wide on that one, as she usually does — her foul tongue seldom connects with her poisonous brain.

For Mirabella to mention Alzheimer’s pills is rich indeed.

Because while she was single, for the best part of a decade, in the 1990’s, Mirabella had a secret live-in lover — a man 40 years her senior. Her own family was unaware of this.

Her lover was one of Australia’s most distinguished lawyers: Professor Colin Howard QC.

His son and daughter, rather incredibly, accepted their father’s infatuation with Mirabella — then a young lawyer.

Their acceptance soon turned sour after their father’s death, when it was revealed the QC had given his young paramour $100,000 to help her pre-selection — and six years later another huge sum she used to buy her Wangaratta farmhouse.

She hasn’t been forthcoming in admitting she was the executor of Howard’s will and, it seems, its sole beneficiary — which means she and her now husband might stand to get a $1 million house in Carlton.

When Mirabella  was hurling insults at Bill Heffernan, her mind must surely gone back to Professor Howard’s final days in the house Sophie Mirabella and her husband Greg rented for him, where his mental and physical health deteriorated and where he grew incontinent and paranoid and eventually had a fall which nearly killed him.

It’s beyond belief that Tony Abbott would continue to wear the likes of Mirabella, while at the same time continuing the attacks on the character of Craig Thomson. But, then, Abbott’s brand of Christianity is strange a one – it’s in the Bjelke-Petersen mould of Bible bashing.

And for Abbott to accuse Gillard of lying is rich indeed. Who can forget his infamous interview with Tony Jones when he lied about his association with George Pell.

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