Thugs heavy Greens protestor at hand-picked Liberal Party "community" forum

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The Liberal Party's thugs came out in force yesterday. Has the Tea Party's blueprint arrived in Abbott's office, asks senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

The disgraceful attack in Melbourne on a defenceless woman by Abbott’s thugs at a so-called "community" forum – that was actually handpicked by Liberal minders according to party preference – has underscored Tony Abbott’s attitude to females and more to the point it illustrates how the Liberals are becoming more like their US counterparts, the Tea Party.

So far no guns have been used — but give them time.

There is obviously an orchestrated plan to belittle those who do not agree with the salvation of this planet for future generations — and come hell or high water Tony Abbott is determined, at any cost, to get the keys to The Lodge.

This is in spite the release of a new study by the Economics Society of Australia, which shows 59 per cent of our economists say the government’s carbon pricing package is good economic policy while only 11 per cent support the Coalition’s plan.

But over at Rupert Murdoch’s Herald Sun, Melbourne’s village idiot (as described by Mike Carlton) Andrew Bolt is trumpeting that the government’s tax is the “most brazen fraud to be perpetrated by an Australian government”.

Bolt is of course, like Abbott, singing from the Tea Party’s song sheet.

He claims warming believers “should be outraged that the tax is so useless” and that sceptics should be “outraged it’s so pointless”.

Declan Stephenson, Bob Billson (the host of the forum) MP's former campaign manager, left the woman to his right in tears after abusing her, jostling her, following her down the street and then standing glaring at her before she phoned for help.

Then he uses the word “gutless” to describe Gillard’s exemption of many of the worst polluters.

Bolt accusing anyone of gutlessness is a new low even for him.

This champion of the masses has been very quiet of late when it comes to the Murdoch family.

The decision by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch to join some of our most distinguished citizens to agree with the government’s carbon pricing policy should surely have attracted Bolt’s attention.

Not a word.

That was left to Piers Ackerman on “Insiders” who made a complete idiot of himself by attacking the 92 year old Australian icon.

Surprisingly, Ackerman seems to have spine — Bolt doesn’t.

The current mess Rupert finds himself in hasn’t drawn a word from Bolt.

Bolt has no hesitation whatsoever in going for anyone who does not agree with his crazy ideas.

And speaking of crazy – Bolt gave airtime to the craziest sceptic of them all – Lord Monckton.

Tony Abbott wouldn’t have a bar of him because of potentially bad PR — though I’ve heard the Mad Monk saw the crazy lord privately.

Perhaps Bolt should throw away his Tea Party brief and listen instead to real scientists and real economists — after all, we as a nation do not want here what the Tea Party is doing to the United States.

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