The impudence of Alexander Downer

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A cursory analysis of Alexander Downer's recent comments about Labor suggest he's suffering from "Relevance Deprivation Syndrome", says Barry Everingham.

Most overrated Australian Foreign Minister? (Image courtesy abc.net.au)

IN THE FRIDAY EDITION of The Australian, our longest serving and least effective foreign minister, Alexander Downer, had the temerity to accuse the Gillard Government – and by inference the new Rudd Government – of "lurching between reckless self interest and fawning deference to Indonesia."

This is rich indeed coming from Downer.

One of the worst errors of political judgment in Australian history. (Image courtesy Grant Nowell / News Ltd)

Has he forgotten the Howard Government's total capitulation to Washington during the regime of the intellectually challenged George W. Bush?

He must remember that, under his watch, our foreign policy was completely in the hands of Washington?

Downer giggled his way around the world while he was in the thrall of Washington. He was considered to be a buffoon by most of the diplomats he came into contact with at the UN.

His officers at Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in the main, tore out their hair when he made off the cuff remarks. One of them is thought to have remarked that Downer was slightly more stupid than Billy McMahon.

In his self-serving article, Downer claimed he was in tears when Indonesian President Yudhoyono told him he'd never forget Australia's generosity after the Howard Government donated $1 billion to assist with the restoration of Aceh after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.

Did he shed a tear when he was part of the criminal invasion of Iraq? An invasion which caused the death of more than 150,000 innocent Iraqis.

Did he shed a tear when he saw the destruction of Iraqi towns and cities?

No compensation there — no billions of dollars.


Downer – along with Howard, Blair and Bush – deserve to be charged with war crimes.

Maybe his tears were caused by the tightness of his lace panty hose? After all he comes from deep inside the Adelaide establishment.

Downer should take a leaf out of the books of some of his distinguished predecessors and remain mute about Australia's current external relations.

He also took a swipe at Bob Carr. A low act.

Downer must know that Tony Abbott knows next to nothing about foreign affairs?

All the table thumping by Shadow Immigration Spokesperson Scott Morrison is a joke.

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