Sarah Palin and lunatic fringe

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The lunatic Right in the United States, and even in cases in Australia, regard Sarah Palin as some sort of world saviour. In the current issue of the American award winning magazine Vanity Fair, writer Michael Joseph Gross exposes her as being dangerously incompetent. Barry Everingham looks critically at Palin.

SARAH PALIN gets good media in this country and in her own from the far right wing lunatic fringe whose racism is rampant and who can’t abide the African American President, Barack Obama.

Such is their fear – and that’s what it is – they promote this bizarre, uneducated, hick as his replacement.

Michael Joseph Ross followed Palin’s road show and draws a very scary picture of the “fear, the anger, the illusion” which he says has “swallowed up this engaging small town hockey mom and her family and the sadness she has left in her wake”.

The Fox News channel, the unapologetically biased right wing Murdoch owned “news” service, pays Palin an annual $1 million for delivering canned commentary. This is in addition to the $13 million she is said to earn for “marketing” her brand. On top of this, Palin will only submit to interviews with a handful of journalists none of whom have “posed notably challenging questions.”

Sarah Palin cartoon in Vanity Fair

She makes set speeches before large audiences a few times a week. Her basic speech varies little from venue to venue.  It’s interesting to know that although serious Republican leaders privately dismiss her as “too unpredictable and too undisciplined” to run a serious campaign she flies on.

Ross says that when the skin is peeled back from Palin’s life “a sad and moldering strangeness lies beneath.”

When she was first nominated to run with McCain, Palin  had never heard of Margaret Thatcher. Since she’s been briefed on the UK former Prime Minister’s life she has become “my political heroine” and wants to meet her. She’s obviously unaware that “her heroine” is suffering from dementia.

The McCain camp was horrified at her Alaska sized gaps of basic general knowledge and books were brought to help the candidate improve. Alas, when asked what she was working on she replied: I’m reading these great emails from the prayer warriors!

The list of her traits which underscore her total unsuitability for even minor public office are mentioned by Ross:

She lashes out at the slightest provocation sometimes screaming at staff members and throwing objects.

Ross claims he was told the people who have worked for her were “broken, used, and stepped on.”

One friend of Sarah’s and her husband Todd’s recalls an argument between the couple: “they took all the canned good out of the pantry, then proceeded to throw them at each other”.

The friend added:” As soon as she enters her property and the door closes even the insects in the house cringe. She has a horrible temper”.

When Todd was asked by an aide if his wife needed psychiatric medication he said “all she needs to do is run and work out more”.

This précis of Ross’s expose only scratches the surface.  Vanity Fair’s October issue is a must-read for those interested in US and international politics – and says much about the United States of America and its citizens who have been seduced by this appalling woman.  
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