Peta Credlin over-eggs Tony Abbott

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Astoundingly, Tony Abbott has rolled out Peta Credlin, his chief of staff, with a sob story about IVF in a vain bid try to win over female voters. Denise Allen comments.

The many faces of Peta Credlin.

NOW TONY ABBOTT has rolled out his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, with a sob story about IVF in order to elicit sympathy from swinging voters for her sexist, bigoted, violent, boss Tony Abbott — because he is so spectacularly failing in the polls.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enormous compassion for any woman who has to resort to IVF in order to have what most women take for granted – to have a precious child – and I would not normally call anyone’s IVF experience a “sob story”.

But when you roll out such personal information – information usually kept private between a woman and her partner, and perhaps few sympathetic confidantes – you, Ms Credlin, should be rightly condemned for using your IVF procedures as a blatant political tool. For using this emotive issue to sway the public into sympathetically thinking your boss doesn’t “have a problem with women”, which clearly he does.

Trying to deny your boss’s violent past; his past indiscretions, including walking away from a girlfriend whom he thought was carrying his child; his many cruel jibes against the Prime Minister; his deep seated personal right wing Catholic religious beliefs, that would deny other women IVF (other than you obviously) and the right to be pro-choice, just isn’t going to cut it.

We know, because all of these transgressions and gross missteps are on the public record and, as far as I can recall – apart from lying about punching the wall beside Barbara Ramjan's head – none of these have ever been altered, corrected nor denied.

Your boss is one of the most aggressive, smear-mongering politicians in Australian history.

But you know what the worst of this is?

Abbott has done it all with your help.

Which makes you a pretty unpleasant person in yourself.

You will go to any length and stoop down into the lowest gutter to get your rotten boss over the line at the next election.

Peta Credlin's dirt file.

Even using your own personal tragedy as a lever for sympathy.

What a disgraceful woman you are.

There are thousands of women in Australia who struggle with the personal heartache of desperately wanting a child and also failing. But they would never use their situation for blatant politics purposes. If they did, I would rightly condemn them too.

So you are desperate to get your boss into power, eh?

And what then, Peta?

What will Australians have to suffer then?

A country ruled according to the philosophy of George Pell and Bob Santamaria?

A country where your boss will deny women (other than you) IVF, an abortion, equal pay?

A country where your boss will do everything in his power to ensure that a woman will never again be allowed to rise to Prime Minister.

You, personally, have indulged in the lowest of gutter politics on behalf of your dummy-spitting boss – digging deep into the Prime Minister's past to try and find the smoking gun that will bring her down. But you failed to find a skerrick of factual, legal evidence and spectacularly failed in doing that.

Woman to woman, I find it despicable that you even lower yourself to gleefully indulge in the filthy quagmire of personal gutter politics against another woman, especially when you are struggling with one of the most emotional experiences a woman can through — that of having a child.

I still feel for you in your inability to be a mother; it must be a heart-breaking struggle with which to deal.

But you have insulted every other woman in Australia who has also had this heartbreaking experience, by trying to unashamedly elicit blatant political sympathy for the very man who – should he get into power - would deny other Australian women the right to IVF in order to have that precious child.

And for that, you stand condemned.

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