Monarchists Can'tDo demonstrations for Gina

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The political arm of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (ACM) has held a limp wristed and embarrassing picket outside Fairfax’s Sydney headquarters on Tuesday, demanding Gina Rinehart be appointed to the publisher’s board, writes senior correspondent Barry Everingham.
The "crowd" at Fairfax on Tuesday. Note the banners all seem to have "no carbon tax" on the back...

The gathering, which included young Jai Martinkovits and maybe a dozen other monarchists, and perhaps a few dogs, had the beautifully manicured fingerprints of ACM’s owner, Professor David Flint all over it.

Called CANdo, the group is a joint brainchild of Jai, Flint and one of the most extreme right-wing members of the Liberal Party, the appalling Senator Cory Bernardi — and even he is said to be distancing himself from the group, which, as we revealed earlier in the year, has access to ACM’s mailing list and might even solicit donations from its fee paying “supporters”.

Jai is ACM’s executive director as well as holding the same job with CANdo — which got us wondering who pays for which half of his time?

Now at the [ahem] “demonstration”, Jai without the hint of embarrassment described Gina as a “great Australian patriot”.

How he reaches that conclusion would be interesting to know.

Is she did manage to gain control of Fairfax, it is be hoped she would show more concern for the newspaper’s staff than she recently did for her own children – her own flesh and blood – as they were forced to drag her screaming  before courts  in a bid to find out what is happening to their inheritance.

“Great Australian patriots” aren’t usually in that kind of pickle and “great Australian patriots” who are wealthy as Gina are usually the benefactors of worthy charities.

One of the monarchists with Jai was seething with indignation that the SMH has never referred to Julia Gillard as “Juliar” in its pages, nor had the paper taken her to task over the carbon tax.

Well one could ask why would they?

The Australian, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Andrew Bolt almost daily hit the Prime Minister with similar accusations.

Every time Flint opens his mouth, he goes to great pains to deny his organisation has any political stance at all — which, of course, is bunkum.

If its lunar right, Liberal, climate change denial and denigration of Julia  Gillard, you will always find him there in the background waving his banners and, really, as we have already warned young Jai, being so closely aligned with to him will do the young blokes political dreams no good at all.

And if he needed more proof, yesterday’s fizzer was a classic example of why.

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