Dutton the merciful

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Peter Dutton is under the impression that because of his efforts the people smugglers have stopped. Bob Ellis says he is an idiot.

Dutton said he was moved by the Syrian refugees he met in Jordan. Their suffering had been immense, he said, and he was letting some of them into Australia. He was asked if the Syrian refugees on Nauru had suffered also and should equally be let in. No way, he said. If I were to let them in, said Dutton, the people smugglers would start up again and more refugees would drown on their way here. Asked where they might go instead – even if they had relatives here – he said, in effect: "We’ll find somewhere".

He is under the impression, poor man, that because of his efforts the people smugglers have stopped. Yet more of them are at work than at any time in world history. The Mediterranean is swarming with them and drownings occur almost daily. He seems to think that smugglers based in, say, Afghanistan are not redirecting their customers through Turkey, merely sitting on their thumbs and waiting for us to change our policy. He seems to think they are not the same people – the same international crooks – they are not "our" people smugglers, the ones he is paying big money to sail the other way. He seems to think that paying them in this way will daunt them from plying their trade ever again.

He is as moronic as that. He is a subhuman, simian sadist and he should be in gaol. His persecution of the raped Somalian refugee Abyan continues. His donation of hundreds of millions to the coverers up of child rape, Transfield, continues. He does not seem to understand that letting the Nauruan Syrians in would win votes, not lose them.

He also does not understand that all Syrians need help. A quarter of a million of them have been killed and none of them is safe from crucifixion, beheading, forced marriage in childhood or being blown to bits by Putin’s fighter-bombers. 

He thinks that if they flee from that and come here by boat, they should be punished. They should be sent to Cambodia, or PNG, or the vile dictatorship Nauru, though their co-religionists and blood relatives are in Melbourne or Adelaide.

Has there been a stupider minister in our history?. Has there been a more criminal one? It is hard to think who.

I call on my old friend Malcolm to sack him and, if a Senate investigation finds him to be of bad character, to expel him from the party and give him up to trial for his many, many crimes against humanity in The Hague.

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