Cory Bernardi, Sarah Palin and the Australian Tea Party

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The Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is trying to set up an Australian version of the Tea Party. Barry Everingham says if Sarah Palin is any guide to what we might expect, he really shouldn't.

By his own admission, on Four Corners, Corey Bernardi – the Tony Abbott’s racist anti Islam/Muslim parliamentary secretary – has been in the United States hanging out with the leadership of the white trash Tea Party red necks.

Bernardi – who Abbott has allowed to get away with countless inflammatory remarks – sees nothing wrong with stirring up hatred and discontent against the legally elected Gillard Government and was the one, along with the egregious Alan Jones, responsible for the failed truckies demonstration in Canberra recently.

Bernardi may be interested to know that last weekend a new biography of Sarah Palin, the real leader of the Tea Party, was released — and it doesn’t show her in a very good light at all.

Bernardi, who comes across as believing himself to be some kind of latter day Jesus Christ, is mixing in some pretty bad company – even worse company than Alan Jones, if that is possible — and Chris Master’s unofficial biography makes for fascinating reading on that topic.

How Bernardi will react to Joe McGinniss’s The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin is anyone’s guess, but the South Australian senator has been left with plenty of egg over his “ruggedly handsome” face (David Flint’s description, not mine).

It comes as no surprise that, according to Joe, Saint Sarah of Alaska is anything but the doting homely mom and loyal wife she’s constantly portrayed as being.

When Governor of Alaska, Sarah was all for charging rape victims for DNA tests to identify their attackers — not exactly the milk of human kindness!

And, for all her moralising and God bothering she didn’t seem all that concerned when her 16 or 17 year old daughter got in the family way, in fact Sarah used her daughter’s plight to get even more publicity particularly as the young woman’s lover was about to go to Iraq to fight in “war against terror” — the misguided cause so close the hearts of the Right.

As it turned out, the lad did come back but not to Miss Palin — by then, she’d found another.

Back to Joe’s book.

As London’s conservative Daily Telegraph reported: The idea of a Christian conservative woman with fashionable glasses, a lithe body and a twinkle in her eye who has turned out to have (had) a wicked side (and, if McGinness’s sources are to be believed, a brief “fetish” for black men) titillates on so many levels it hardly bears thinking about!

Bernardi’s heroine, according to the book, uses cocaine and smokes marijuana, has no fiscal experience and, when mayor of Wasilla, left the town of 7,000 with a US$22 million deficit.

The senator should really get hold of the book, and so should those on the extreme right of the Liberal Party, and reassess their views on the kind of party they are becoming by their adoration of Palin and what she “stands” for.

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