Christopher Monckton's travelling circus rolls into town

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by Barry Everingham
Climate change sceptic “Lord” Christopher Monckton is visiting Australia this weekend. Senior correspondent Barry Everingham says to take whatever he says with a large grain of salt.
In another day and age Christopher Monckton may have been drawing crowd as circus freak, but these days he’s attracting freaks — the climate change deniers.

He’ll be in Australia this weekend as a guest of Western Australia’s miners — those poor multi-billionaires who are groaning they may have to pay more in taxes.

Until Monckton dropped a disgusting bucket all over Ross Garnaut, our own chief sceptic, Tony Abbott (who says climate change is crap) has distanced himself from his lordship. It’s a fair bet Abbott, who is a part master at loading personal abuse at those he disagrees with, would have been happy to share a platform with the freak, but a picture of Monckton holding forth in front of Nazi swastika sent chills up and down what passes for Abbott’s spine, but only because had it not Abbott would see the Jewish vote fall off the radar.

Climate change isn’t Monckton’s only gripe.

His peculiar form of Christianity really is in step with Abbott’s brand — Tony shows no mercy on those he calls “illegal migrants” while the freak has a spectacular theory regarding AIDS.

He calls it the “British View” and it goes something like this.

Christopher Monckton invokes the Nazis

The entire population must be screened regularly and those who are carriers of the disease will be quarantined for life.

Every member of the population would be tested every month.

His crazy idea was aired in 1987, but now he says it wouldn’t work as too many people are infected.

Now, Monckton is not a member of England’s House of Lords as he often falsely claims.

His father’s membership of the House as the 2nd Viscount was ended by the House of Lords Act of 1999.

Christopher continued to claim membership but a House of Lords spokesman (or is that spokeslord?) said “he is not and never has been a member” and to underscore the matter he went on to say “…there is no such thing as a non-voting or honorary member as Lord Monckton claimed to be”.

To put this hereditary tile situation into perspective, our many readers will already know that many British titles are hereditary and are passed on — in most cases to eldest sons or in some cases to eldest daughters.

Monckton’s son will become the 4th Viscount when the freak eventually goes to God.

Lord Mountbatten’s titles passed to his daughter Patricia following his assassination  by members of the IRA she is now Countess Mountbatten  of Burma in her own right and on her passing her eldest son will inherit the title.  
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