Barry O'Farrell bans Marrickville's Israel boycott: is he the new Menzies?

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Barry O'Farrell has threatened a Sydney inner city council with the sack unless it rescinds a plan to introduce a boycott on Israeli firms and products. New contributor Tony Backhouse says Barry O'Farrell may be "suffering from a belated dose of Candidate Fever".

Bob Menzies and Barry O' Farrell

I would like to commend the four Labor councilors who all voted to support Marrickville Council's BDS motion last December, as their newly found commitment to overturn the policy shows the spineless lack of commitment to social justice issues that their party embraces.

The media, driven by the influence of Rupert Murdoch's News Limited, actively campaigned for the replacement of one despotic State Government with another.

With the self assurance of his over-inflated mandate Barry O'Farrell attempts to dictate that a democratically elected local government body cannot take actions in support of it's Palestinian Sister City of Bethlehem — giving them 28 days before sending in the troops. Barry's threats are reflective of the totalitarian democracy that the state of Israel represents — with targeted oppression of the dissenting viewpoints of minorities.

Is Barry O'Farrell suffering from a belated dose of Candidate Fever or does he truly believe that he is the reincarnation of Bob Menzies who saw nothing unconstitutional or undemocratic in trying to outlaw groups holding a dissenting political position?

What will he do next, sack Sydney City Council because Clover Moore holds the dissenting view that Cyclists should be able to travel along cycleways?  
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