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Keep up with all the Federal Election action as Australia votes and the results come in during the night on IA's regularly updated LIVE BLOG.​

Contribute your thoughts and news to this page as well via Twitter by using the hashtag #AusVotes2019IA or by adding your comments after this article. 

News and comments will be added by managing editor Dave Donovan (@davrosz) and executive editor Michelle Pini (@vmp9). Newer updates will be at the top, older at the bottom.

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10:31am, 19 May 2019 by Michelle Pini and Madame Kas

Summing up the mood



10:36pm, 18 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

A last thought for the night

We will continue this blog tomorrow until a government is formed. Pre-polling and preferences haven't concluded and the Liberals do not have enough seats to form government yet. There is hope! 



9:33pm, 18 May 2019 by David Donovan

Labor still in with a chance


It's possible they might be able to form a minority government.

8:09pm, 18 May 2019 by David Donovan

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

In case you are feeling depressed by the result as they come in, remember this: Tony Abbott is gone!

Well done Zali Steggall!!

Also, hot tip, don't watch Channel Seven. It's toxic!


7:21pm, 18 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

BREAKING: Tony Abbott learns a new word


6:49pm, 18 May 2019 by David Donovan

Early days

For my sins, I am watching the Sky News election coverage. I enjoy it, because they get really angry with each other when it looks like the Tories are going to lose.

My first takeaway is that even though less than 1 per cent of the votes have been counted, the Coalition stooges in the Sky commentary team – including former Labor minister Graham Richardson – are getting excited by every early result favouring the Coalition.

For example, this from 2015:

As Independent Rob Oakeshott just said, with the sitting Cowper MP currently winning, the early counts are usually from the outlying small booths, which almost always favour the conservatives.

5:26pm, 18 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

Deceptive Liberal Party signs breach the Electoral Act

The Labor Party has lodged an official complaint with the AEC over signs displayed across a number of electorates, in AEC colours, written in Mandarin and indicating the "correct" way to vote is by putting a number "1" next to the Liberal candidate. The signs breach the Electoral Act.

Always on the ball, Liberal Senator James Patterson had this to say:



1:56pm, 18 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

The world according to Dutton

Peter Dutton on ABC just now:

"People are coming up to me and saying, 'we've never voted for you before but we're going to vote for you this time...'

People have the baseball bats out for Bill Shorten."

Um, ohh-kay then.

11:26am, 18 May 2019 by David Donovan & Madame Kas

Election night checklist

Are you prepared for election night?

Here's a handy checklist:

11:08am, 18 May 2019 by Michelle and Noely

Just a rumour mind but heard Clive lent LNP some of his billions...


For further info and advice see the post directly below this one.

10:36am, 18 May 2019 by David Donovan

Thanks for the text, Libbers

Is there anything better than receiving a morning spam text from Liberal Party HQ.

Yes there is! Replying to that text with mild profanity. 

So close!

7:59am, 18 May 2019 by Michelle Pini and Dave Donovan

The reckoning is here

There should be an election eve #Newspoll coming out tonight. Based on my observations, the last Newspoll before an election is when Murdoch allows the results to come back into line with voters' actual intentions. Rather than acting as an elaborate push poll, as it usually is.
~ Dave Donovan

And here it is folks:


8:41pm, 17 May 2019 by Dead Parrot Society

We have you surrounded


8:31pm, 17 May 2019 by Mark Hill

Just eew!


8:26pm, 17 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

Last plea for New England



8:03pm, 17 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

Beat that ScoMo and Bill...


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8:03pm, 17 May 2019 by Ross Jones

There's one born every minute

Investigations editor Ross Jones thinks there's a growing devide between political pollsters and bookies.

My point is that if the pollsters were so reliable, why don't the bookies trust them even slightly?

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7:35pm, 17 May 2019 by Dave Dawson and Paul Bongiorno

Is Bill Shorten a chip off the old block?


6:31pm, 17 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

I said love, I said pet, I said ScoMo
6:27pm, 17 May 2019 by Michelle Pini

Last plea to the people of Hume

Surprise, surprise!


6:09pm, 17 May 2019 by Michelle Pini via Paul Keating

Last plea to the people of Dickson


3:27pm, 17 May 2019 by David Donovan

Green eyebrows a-crunching

John Howard is back in the news. Well, ABC News 24, anyway, which can't seem to get enough of the wretched old war criminal.

Another fan favourite is Antony Green, who will deliver, for sure, as ever, a seamless performance as the ABC's ace psephologist on Saturday night

2:25pm, 17 May 2019 by David Donovan

Labor is heading for victory tomorrow night

Managing editor David Donovan predicted the ALP would win comfortably tomorrow night, with the result being called early in the night. 
Is he crazy, or does he know something.
Read Dave's prognostications below. 

love this clip ... the spontaneous joy and laughter from him and everyone else. I remember it like it happened yesterday

— Ian Gordicans (@Gordicans) May 17, 2019

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