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An open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

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Graeme Doyle takes a moment to thank our “wonderful” Prime Minister for all of his “accomplishments” that have made our country so “great”.


I just realised how long it has been since I scribbled you a note of encouragement. I was whipping up a double-baked soufflé for dinner and I remember how fond you are of foreign food, being such a dab hand at a curry, or a nasi goreng.

I rang a French friend of mine for the recipe, but when I told him I was going to “nuke” it in the microwave he was mortified. The French are funny about things like that, aren’t they? Now he won’t answer my calls anymore. It is fortunate that people forget things if you leave it long enough — something I’m sure you’ve experienced more than once during your career in politics. It is important to keep letting you know how people feel about so many of the wonderful things you and your government have achieved over the years. It would be sad if we let them forget don’t you think?

It really has been an interesting few months with America and her allies all packing up and popping home from Afghanistan. That was “blood and treasure” well spent. It only took 20 years to show those Taliban folks who was in charge. What a pity our new subs weren’t ready in time to help out, I’m sure they would have made all the difference with all that British and American technology. They will be much more suitable to the deteriorating strategic environment with China I’m sure. The $90 billion they cost to build and $145 billion to maintain over their life cycle is certainly money well spent.

Your government’s attitude for the environment, welfare, education, health and equality have already established a reputation that amazes most of the world, friend and foe alike. I hope more and more people come to realise what this means for each and every one of us.

As The Deputy Prime Minister’s close friend, that nice Mrs Gina Rinehart, said when she spoke to students at her old school, we need to:

“...strongly guard against propaganda intruding on real education and rational thinking.”

Ms Rinehart claimed factors like the Earth's distance from the sun and volcanoes under the ocean were causing climate change.

She went on to say:

“...be very careful about information spread on emotional basis, or tied to money, or egos, or power-seekers and always search for the facts, even if the tide is against you and it's not considered popular.”

Like her friends ExxonMobil, WCM Resources, Phillip Morris, Visy Industry’s, Caltex, Shell, Esso and British American Tobacco, Mrs Rhinehart has generously funded an unbiased selfless think tank – the Institute of Public Affairs – which has such an influence on your Party's policies. How ill-informed of her old school to censor her speech. What a wonderful example she is, wouldn’t you agree?

She also said:

“Facts may not be popular, but that shouldn't mean they should be overlooked.”

Her vision and comments quite remind me of Rupert Murdoch and his marvellous media minions. More wonderful examples of how the fight for truth and against ill-informed, dangerous propaganda seems to be never-ending.

It was so sad to see Gladys Berejiklian resign; she really was trying so hard in these difficult COVID times. So generous with grant funding awarded or promised to the Australian Clay Target Association and the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in Wagga Wagga, for her friend Daryl Maguire’s electorate.

It was also sad to see the Deputy Premier resign after he had done so much for koala habitat, but not surprising given his need for “mental health” leave last year and the distraction of his defamation against that YouTuber commentator. I hope you got a chance to see them both when you popped up to Sydney on Father’s Day to spend time with Jen and the girls. I know how important family is for so many of us. I haven’t been able to visit my frail 91-year-old mum for months now during these lockdowns, so I understand how important it is to be able to see family and friends.

It is fortunate that you don’t have a Federal ICAC, I’m sure you agree. As if you or any in the Government could avoid the public ridicule Mr Murdoch’s press would subject you to, being as he is so devoted to honesty and integrity. Do we really need one? It is hard to understand why social media isn’t ringing with praise for all your many remarkable accomplishments.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to America to see your new friend Mr Biden. I’m sure he was as happy to see you as your old friend Mr Trump used to be. I hope he encouraged you to pop off to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow after the G20 in Rome. It would be educational to hear what the world’s leaders have to say about the extraordinary effect your government’s vision and policy is having on the most important issue facing not only Australia but the entire planet. It would indicate to many misled souls just what your current stance means for their – and their children’s – future and show them how important personal observation, research and the quest for truth are before it is too late.

As usual, I seem to have gone on and on. If you would like the soufflé recipe please don’t hesitate to ask. But whatever you do, don’t “nuke” it, as I found out that can lead to all sorts of a mess that isn’t palatable at all and can leave a very nasty taste in people's mouths.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You remain as always in my thoughts and prayers.

Graeme Doyle ran as an independent for the Senate in the last election and is considering a run for the seat of Hughes (Craig Kelly’s seat) at the next election.

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An open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Graeme Doyle takes a moment to thank our “wonderful” Prime Minister for all of ...  
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