Betrayal: RSL backs Nazi-aligned Serbian Chetniks

Australia’s Returned and Services League (RSL) is allowing a Nazi-aligned group from WWII and ...  
Dear Donald Trump, Australia wants its $125 million back

Our government's military spending and waste of money are under scrutiny at a time when our ...  
Dutton and Pezzullo's culpability for the bushfire crisis

Dutton and Pezzullo took on responsibility for the prevention of, preparation for and recovery ...  
HELEN CALDICOTT: Our nuclear arms obsession is a countdown to extinction

America could lead the way in reallocating its arms budget towards fixing the planet's problems ...  
Government manipulates visa data to serve its own ends

Scott Morrison's appearance at a recent event was full of half-truths about migration, writes Abul ...  
Why our Syria policy is strategically unsound

The Australian Government needs to figure out its priorities in deciding on a firm plan to deal ...  
Between China and America, we chose the wrong friend

While the Australian Government panders to America's every whim, China continues to be a progre ...  
Australia follows U.S. in another spurious conflict — this time, it's Iran

Our servility to the United States is making Australia an international pariah, writes Kellie ...  
Gladys Liu, race cards and foreign influence

The race card comes in various shapes, sizes and compacted material.   
Political need overrides national security in Gladys Liu saga

The Liberal member for Chisholm, Gladys Liu, caused concern in intelligence circles before the ...  
Utter lies: The truth on boat arrivals and border protection

Our national policies on asylum seekers have been built on the shifting sands of government ...  
Why the Counter Terrorism (TEO) Bill is about political, not legal, expediency

Australian immigration laws have tended to be at the mercy of political, not legal, considerati ...  
U.S. and Australia — joined at the hip

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants us to join with the U.S. in tackling the problems which ...  
Wren's week: Low fuel stocks endangering Australia's economy and security

This week, John Wren discusses the dangers of Australia's low fuel stocks.  
Huge backlog of visa claims build under Dutton's watch

The Government has at last responded to the chaos in our visa system, writes Abul Rizvi.  
Climate change is a huge threat to 'national security'

With rising sea levels, Pacific island states will look to Australia for leadership or refuge ...  
Srebrenica, 11 July 1995: The 'White Genocide'

Bilal Cleland reminds us that the rise of fundamentalist populism in otherwise liberal societies ...  
Like a fish out of water: Australia's submarine project is a flop

Australia's submarine project launched by the Abbott Government is an abject failure, writes Dr ...  
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