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An open letter to President Donald Trump after inciting domestic terrorism

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Thousands of rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol building and are now under investigation as domestic terrorists (Screenshot via YouTube)

Dr Lee Duffield penned a message to the man responsible for the rioters who broke into Washington's Capitol building, President Donald Trump.


You disgust me.

In the early morning hours here, I heard you provoking that crowd in Washington DC, openly lying that you won the U.S. Election by a landslide, giving them false hope and inciting them to go on to the Capitol.

You behave as a delusional large old infant; they are saying in U.S. commentaries you are “throwing the toys out of the pram”. As somebody born less than a year after you, I regret for your sake you did not get to make the same journey as me, of growing up over time.

Unfortunately, as is being clearly demonstrated, the consequences of your failure in that regard are real and bad.

We have seen, as the incoming President Joe Biden observed, not dissent or protest but insurrection.

He said it was “bordering on sedition”, recognising in his wisdom that you and your movement are still mostly into posturing, so far just “bordering” — waving the flags and guns but not at the barricades, not quite systematically grabbing at power, not forming a junta and murdering your opponents.

But you have been playing with fire, mobilising confused people allowed to have guns.

Many of them today, as you can clearly see on the live feeds – nothing “fake” about it – are close to the kind of offence which, in your country, can get them executed.

With the floor of your parliament under occupation, there are guns, maybe bombs in backpacks, the representatives evacuated or locked in their offices as your mob literally beats on the doors of the building. What if some weak-minded individual decides to re-play Columbine or Sandy Hook and commit a massacre of the representatives?

It is a reality.

Mr Biden said you needed to act like the President and tell the mob on national television to stop.

What you came up with in your Twitter feed, hours too late, was weak as water:

‘They took it all away from us, from me, from you... a rigged election... so evil... but don’t play into their hands... Go home in peace.’

Get some counselling over your failure at the polls, stop being a cry-baby, grow up, shut up and, as you have less than a fortnight to go, just piss off.

Yours in contempt,

Lee Duffield.

Media editor Dr Lee Duffield is a former ABC foreign correspondent, political journalist and academic.

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