An Abbott proof sense

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With any luck, Tony Abbott’s days might just be numbered. Senior correspondent Barry Everingham comments.

by senior correspondent Barry Everingham

The last days of the Abbott approacheth.

The boxing bible-bashing Oxford Blue is spending much of his time looking over his shoulder — and he’s seeing a tad more than the glow of burning bridges, although they are simmering away.

First of all, the country cousins – the quondam Country Party – are flexing their flaccid muscles in readiness for an election win — they want Trade back but Abbott is understood to have told Julie Bishop Trade and FA will be a single entity under him, with the good lady at the helm.

Abbott’s reasoning, for once, is solid.

Barnaby Joyce will more than likely announce he’s for the House of Representatives — and once there, he will rid the world of Warren Truss and take over the leadership of the agrarian socialist  party.

Like the rest of us, even Abbott is shuddering at the thought of Joyce travelling the world as a Trade Minister. The Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition (compliments David Flint) will need all the fancy footwork he used to get his Blue in boxing at Oxford to sort that one out.

But his troubles don’t stop there.

His popularity in the Party and the wider community is at an all -time low and he doesn’t have the political stamina or the iron willed take no prisoners wife Howard carted around for all those years. Janette made all the decisions and Howard copped the flack.

Then there’s the problem of Joe Hockey. The Liberal’s chief baboon (loveable though he is) won’t be able to take on any fiscal portfolio – he’s already stuffed up too badly lately to be credible in that department.

And the news that WA’s Liberal wonder-kid Christian Porter will be heading east will be sending shock waves down the gelatinous remains of Tony’s spine. Porter is everything Abbott isn’t and he won’t only have Malcolm Turnbull to contend with — there will be a new bright boy on the block flexing his muscles.

And, in the event the Government takes a second punt on Kevin Rudd — Turnbull wont linger in the background.

Then there’s the appalling Sophie Mirabella, who Abbott, stupidly, includes in media pictures when he’s visits factories. The interview she foolishly gave on the weekend newspaper’s magazine was hardly flattering — and the letters published from readers were Iess than supportive.

Such an arrogant, right-winged, foul-mouthed shrew – whose affair with a man four times her age has provoked litigation amongst the man’s children – is not the kind of reputation the public looks for in its politicians.

The Craig Thomson affair is testimony to that.

And Abbott’s relentless pursuit of the hapless Thomson really didn’t win much praise from the more moderate and humane MP’s from all parties, although he did leave the heavy duty work to the simpering Christopher Pyne, which in itself was  a kind of blessing, because it showed Pyne up as the man he really is - or rather, isn’t.

We are certainly living in interesting times.

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