Abbott compares asylum seekers with drug runners

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Tony Abbott’s Friday comparison of asylum seekers with drug runners should be treated with utter disdain, says senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

Tony Abbott’s arrogance is getting out of control and his hairy-chested performance on Friday, at the neo-liberal climate change denial factory the Institute of Public Affairs, about the treatment of asylum seekers when he’s running the show is disturbing to say the least.

The former seminarian and professed Christian will turn back the boats, with “to hell with them” being the unsaid warning.

Does he really care that this racist folly will not only put at risk the lives of the hapless asylum seekers at risk, but also the lives of Australian naval personnel who will be told to do his sinister bidding.

Then he says he’ll be on the telephone to the Nauruans to reopen their hell on earth to accommodate the arrivals — at our expense of course.

With his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, this Oxford boxing Blue claims he will seek the Navy’s advice before issuing orders.

As if, Tony.

But there’s another twist to this sad story.

When and if this megalomaniac ever becomes Prime Minister, he has warned the Indonesians he will board a jet plane for Jakarta and demand they treat asylum seeker with the same harshness they reserve for Australian drug smugglers and users.


What an insult to asylum seekers.

To equate asylum seeks with drug runners is a dreadful comparison — yet another sorry thought bubble from this clownish figure.

That’s our boy Tony — you show them who is running the show.

Now I may be wrong, but I get the distinct impression there’s a touch of racism in Tony’s behaviour, since his guide and mentor, the appalling Cardinal Pell, let loose a barrage of anti-Semitism recently on ABC’s Q&A programme when he targeted the Jews, and in the next breath praised the Germans.

Is Tony emboldened by Pell’s spray and now sees it as his right to get stuck into Muslims — after all that’s what they are, in the main.

But what’s the betting he stands back from targeting the Jews, whatever his private opinion of them.

He’s having a great time tipping  buckets over Julia Gillard  over the Slipper/Thomson scandal — conveniently forgetting to mention it was Slipper’s vote that shoe-horned him into the leadership of the Liberals.

That, in itself, was surely enough to have Slipper hounded out of the Parliament — the allegations being bandied about now pale into insignificance compared to that.

Of course, now the Cabcharge allegations appear to have been disproven and at least one publication has alleged that Ashby, a member of the LNP, may have been paid $50,000 by a “senior political figure” to make his sex allegations against Slipper. Now Abbott says he could not "categorically" rule out someone from the LNP assisted Ashby to prepare his case.

It may be that Abbott has just Slippered on a banana skin.

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