Melbourne anti-lockdown protests are a disorganised mess

Without any sort of leadership or strategy, the Melbourne anti-lockdown protests have descended ...  
Morrison Government sends Australia backward in women's rights

Scott Morrison and the Liberal Government are heading Australia towards a Handmaid's Tale scenario ...  
Scott Morrison's devolution of democracy

Scott Morrison has managed to flaunt his power through severing ties with France over submarines ...  
Wren's Week: Gladys does the dash while Porter remains untouchable

The Liberal Party is displaying its usual incompetence and corruption, with Christian Porter ...  
Why Australia needs to become a secular republic

Legal cases both here and overseas highlight reasons why our theocratic Government needs to make a ...  
A reflection of decades of failed U.S. national security policy

A reckoning with America’s failed national security policy is long overdue.  
Scott Morrison's Father's Day hypocrisy

While many Australians were unable to celebrate Father's Day due to lockdowns, the Prime Minister ...  
How the anti-lockdown fundraising machine keeps running

Proponents of the anti-lockdown movement have learnt the most effective ways to make money out of ...  
Australia's first anti-corruption party: FIN is now official

Federal ICAC Now (F.I.N.) is approved! Australia’s anti-corruption party is a reality.  
Scott Morrison has destroyed Australia's humanity

Under Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Australia no longer displays compassion and humanity towards ...  
Flashback 2018: The bad Guys

Matthew Guy reclaimed his role as Victorian Opposition leader this morning leaving people wonde ...  
The Liberal Government doesn't care if you die

The Liberal Government has a new tactic in the effort to reopen our country — convincing the ...  
Clive Palmer's UAP membership may be an offer you can't refuse

Clive Palmer’s rebranded United Australia Party might have just entered the land of fraud.  
First Nations Voice to Parliament: It's time to rethink democracy

A new approach to democracy is needed to fight the Federal Government's failure to deliver First ...  
Clive Palmer’s campaign will have a body count

Clive Palmer is launching another election campaign of misinformation and unwanted text messages ...  
Government and media misinformation making the pandemic tougher

In the wake of anti-lockdown protests, the press has been front and centre in a reckless misinf ...  
The unreality of anti-lockdown activism

The proposed state border blockade by truck drivers may have been inspired by hate speech from a ...  
JOHN PILGER: How the U.S. ruined Afghanistan playing the 'great game'

The situation in Afghanistan is the result of political interference by the United States Gover ...  
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