Poetry and vers
The Raven

A different sort of Easter message, though one no less poignant, from IA satirist – and pass ...  
Ad free radio

As anxious 2GB staff contact their agents, Alan Jones spends the quiet ad break moments composing ...  
The Vernacular Republic

It’s been just on 35 years since Les Murray’s 'The Vernacular Republic' selection of poems was ...  
The problem with life

Here’s the problem with life... You work really hard your whole life so you can lay back and ...  
The repellant Australian poetry scene

Independent Australia managing editor David Donovan has been repelled by the self-obsessed, ...  
The Fox from Bennelong

THE FOX FROM BENELONG Let's never forget the 6th of November, Our blackest day on file; John ...  
On Father's Day - for the fathers who have gone away

On Father's Day 2011, a tribute by managing editor David Donovan to his dear departed father ...  
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