Angus Taylor denies forging document and calls Clover Moore a “dirty rotten liar”

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Energy Minister Angus Taylor stormed out of a packed press conference (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Embattled Energy Minister Angus Taylor today fought back against claims his office falsified a Sydney City Council document to score political points against Mayor Clover Moore, then tried to cover it up.

Mr Taylor repeated his earlier assertions that any suggestion he or his office acted improperly was just a “giant conspiracy theory”.

At a press conference this morning in Canberra, when asked by a reporter whether he had been caught out lying, Mr Taylor replied, “oh, I never did, you cheeky cow!”

Mr Taylor said even though the document he used to allege Clover Moore had spent over $15 million on travel last year was a forgery, he definitely wasn’t involved.

“It wasn’t me at all — absolutely not,” asserted Mr Taylor.

And anyone who says it was is a great big fibber,” he added

When asked how his office came into possession of a forged document which falsely held Mayor Moore in a very poor light, Mr Taylor disavowed any knowledge.

“Well, how on earth should I know?” said the minister. “Do I look like the document police or something?”

The letter Taylor sent to Clover Moore, including the false claims (Source supplied)

When pressed on this point, Taylor appeared to allege Moore had forged the document herself to discredit him.

“Oh that Clover Moore, she’s such dirty rotten liar. She’d do anything to get me in trouble, she would. Nasty witch!”

The energy minister then issued an extremely strong denial of any wrongdoing, before abruptly storming out of the packed press conference.

“Nah nah! I never did nothing! And you can’t prove it!” Mr Taylor told the stunned audience.

“You’re all fat jerks and I hate you,” concluded the energy minister, before poking out his tongue at a Guardian reporter and hastily leaving the event via a side door.

When later questioned about these events, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the minister still retained his full confidence.

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