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Transitioning to electric vehicles — Australia is in for a shock

Transitioning to electric vehicles will not just affect the cars we drive — it will be the ...  
Avoiding the next NSW flood crisis

As NSW suffers from more flood devastation, it's clear our governments can do more to be prepar ...  
FLASHBACK 2017: Drowning in White privilege

There is still much to be done toward ending racism in Australia.  
Australia needs to stop patronising the Pacific Island states

The Albanese Government is continuing the Coalition's habit of using condescending language to ...  
U.S. court decision will ensure gun deaths soar

The current epidemic of avoidable gun fatalities in the USA is set to worsen.  
'Top Gun': The thinly disguised Pentagon recruitment drive

The link between film and the military-industrial complex has never been more evident than in the ...  
Failure to warm to green energy is burning our future

Fossil fuels are inefficient and the repercussions of extracting such energy are destroying the ...  
U.S. under a judicial 'coup' after Roe v Wade overturned

'The rolling judicial coup coming from this court is by no means over,' warned Naomi Klein ...  
Australia is a leader on suicide awareness, laggard on prevention

Australia must do more for victims to ensure that they can heal, writes Gerry Georgatos.   
Blockade Australia unfairly maligned by police, media and the Left

Three factions are conspiring to distort the truth over the matter of Blockade Australia (BA) ...  
Elvis is back in the building

While much is known about the King of Rock n' Roll, there is another story behind his rise and ...  
Bowen slams Morrison legacy as fossil fuels drive jump in Australian emissions

Energy Minister Chris Bowen has criticised the Coalition's failure to implement effective emiss ...  
CARTOONS: Mark David is 'bingle watching' again

Not actual car crashes — the carnage of current mainstream media reporting.  
Grubisa still spruiking asset 'protection' after losing legal practising certificate

Despite the authorities disbarring Dominique Grubisa from legal practice, she continues to offer ...  
Water industry could improve to meet net zero targets

At this point in the national conversation over energy policy, it’s time for our water industry ...  
Australian journalists are at war with their audience and the audience says 'enough'!

Founder and publisher Dave Donovan and managing editor Michelle Pini analyse the widening ...  
Questions remain over Assange's stroke, as he is sent to likely death

The details surrounding Julian Assange's mini-stroke in October 2021 remain unclear, as he is to ...  
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EDITORIAL: Australian journalists are at war with their audience and the audience has had enough

One of the odd revelations from Dr Tim Dunlop’s recent article surveying certain prominent ...  
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