Lunar narratives: Landing on the Moon, politics and the Cold War

The Cold War played a large role in the first lunar landing, even to the extent of involving a ...  
Do we want to create true human robots?

Technological advancements in AI are leading to the development of a true human robot, but is this ...  
Obligations to the world’s children in the climate emergency

This government is not fit to govern on the climate change emergency because of its incapacity to ...  
Can the urban water industry stare down climate change?

New technology used in providing safe drinking water is contributing to the damaging effects of ...  
The Murray-Darling needs life support with expert team management

The vital Murray-Darling basin system is dying and it's up to a combined effort between politic ...  
The world's wild week: Floods, fires and blizzards in a time of climate change

It has been a week of wild weather all around the globe — and it's all about climate change ...  
The legacy of eugenics and racism

It is distressing for many of us having to deal with the anti-Muslim, anti-refugee and anti-imm ...  
Media perpetuates climate science denial with Ian Plimer article

Geologist and former professor of mining geology, Ian Plimer, has undermined climate change ...  
Murray-Darling fish kill: Is the Government listening?

Fish deaths have once more raised the public profile of incessant political controversies about ...  
#7 TOP IA STORY OF 2018: The Morrison Gov't: An extraordinary health hazard

The continuing rejection of climate change by our Government is the tragedy of our times. This ...  
Climate change denial is empowering

Imagine not believing in climate change, the immense relief for it to all be a hoax or for the ...  
The Australian's continued support of climate change denialism

A recent article in The Australian on climate change has many errors and misrepresentations ...  
Will Wentworth force the Morrison Government to act on climate?

Australia’s tepid response to the growing disaster of climate change should make every thinking ...  
Future of innovation in Australia uncertain after latest #LibSpill

Are Australians aware of the mess that is Australian innovation policy, asks Rachel French.  
The Empire of Life needs a proper name

Guy Lane & Andrew Buckwell ascribe a taxonomic classification to Gaia, the living planet.  
73% of Australians wrong according to climate denying COALition

Does the Coalition really think it is on the right track by ignoring 73% of the Australian ...  
The Morrison Gov't: An extraordinary health hazard

Climate change denial is the denial of many public health casualties.  
Think for Yourself: Lie detectors

John Turnbull straps into the sphygmomanometer and investigates the polygraph — can it really ...  
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