Rapid testing and viral mapping can help beat COVID-19

More testing and better knowledge of how the COVID-19 virus works are crucial in defeating its ...  
Using satellites in the fight against COVID-19

Scientists have discovered a way to predict the best time to ease pandemic lockdowns using sate ...  
Climate change making fires a bigger threat

The effects of climate change have increased the danger of fires in Australia, with a need for ...  
Key to pandemic management is in the logistics

Understanding the maths behind how a pandemic works makes it clear how to control and eventually ...  
HELEN CALDICOTT: If man cannot overcome his desire to kill, we are doomed

We are racing with great speed towards a nuclear holocaust unless man can conquer his fatal ...  
Billionaires in space

Our economic and social system has bred people wealthy enough to squander the privilege of space ...  
Billionaires spend buckets on beating each other in space race

Billionaires have been battling it out, spending dollars and carbon at a huge rate in a bid to win ...  
HELEN CALDICOTT: With all its wisdom, the human race is killing itself

From a historical perspective, Homo sapiens are an evolutionary aberrant.  
Science has made the idea of 'race' non-existent

Since the mapping of the human genome, biologically, the term 'race' is irrelevant.  
Right and Left: The choice between dumb and dumber

When it comes to thinking, progressives do it better than conservatives do.  
Liberal Government condones risky IVF procedure

The Liberal Party is making an effort to pass legislation that would allow a highly experimental ...  
Digital technology opening up new spheres of human possibility

The digital world is unlocking new capabilities of human behaviour, writes Paul Budde.   
Media hype over Mars rover ignores deadly truth

Media coverage of the Perseverance rover mission fails to report that NASA projected fair odds of ...  
HELEN CALDICOTT: The truth about nuclear power — neither clean nor green

While nuclear power is considered clean by many, there are several harmful and long-lasting ...  
Nuclear rockets to Mars are dangerous and unnecessary

Nuclear-powered space technology risks causing further damage to our planet and is an unnecessary ...  
Zoono Group's COVID-19 killer claims raise questions

Former secondhand car mart owner Paul Hyslop has built an ASX company selling antimicrobial ...  
Ignoring pandemic experts proves fatal

Vaccine roll-out programs are coming unstuck because of the lack of a full spectrum of experts ...  
Even the U.S. Capitol attack is an opportunity for climate deniers

Prominent climate science deniers moved rapidly to spread false and misleading conspiracy theories ...  
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