COVID-19 could expose NBN's vulnerabilities

Last week, I addressed the issue of teleworking and e-health application in the context of the ...  
Telecommuting to be tested during COVID-19 pandemic

With more and more people being isolated and working from home, the nation's broadband infrastr ...  
Technology and the internet threaten to undermine democracy

The many possibilities associated with technology and the internet make them ripe for exploitat ...  
The Morrison Government's woeful record on technology

The Morrison Government's procrastination on technology is costing jobs, stifling innovation and ...  
NBN offering not good enough for 21st Century Australia

Australia's internet speeds continue to lag behind that of other nations, says Laurie Patton.  
Foxtel pay-TV faces slow death

Foxtel is reaching a threshold where it will have to decide if it wants to continue its proprie ...  
NBN Co loss ranks highly among problems in the telecoms industry

NBN Co is facing further problems while the merger between Vodafone and TPG positions them to be a ...  
Cracks appearing in Trump's Huawei boycott

What will the fallout be from the UK refusing to fall into line with the U.S. ban on Chinese ...  
The pitfalls of social media and technology

Social media and the internet has rewired our brains and society in important yet sometimes ...  
NBN Co's latest backflip

NBN Co is giving in to pressure to stop competing with its own retail customers.  
No action from Morrison Government as NBN continues downward trend

The future of the NBN looks grim with entrenched poor outcomes, increasing financial pressures ...  
5G still years away from dominating the market

As the rollout of fibre to the home project (FttH) remains a slow process it is no wonder that ...  
Broadband-driven smart energy developments will change the market

The business model for most electricity suppliers is becoming outdated with advancements in smart ...  
Forging a telecoms bushfire emergency plan

I lived in Bucketty in bush for more than 30 years. We luckily just moved to Brisbane before the ...  
The power of data in smart city developments

Developments in data science and analysis have been beneficial in managing key social areas such ...  
The global hypercentre phenomenon

With an ever-growing population, tech companies are trying to find efficient ways to keep up with ...  
Albanese plans full fibre replacement for 'dog's breakfast' NBN

Jeremy Corbyn and Anthony Albanese have put full-fibre NBN back on the agenda, writes Paul Budd ...  
Government must step in to fix NBN

Wholesale relief isn't likely to bring lower NBN retail prices, writes Paul Budde.  
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