Artificial intelligence is on the rise

New developments and opportunities are opening up in artificial intelligence, says Paul Budde.  
'The NBN is finished': What's next?

The Government's NBN plan is undeveloped and lacklustre, writes Paul Budde.  
Government and industry must act on renewable energy

Innovation in renewable energy makes sense financially and environmentally, writes Paul Budde.  
COVID-19 sparked the 'digital economy'

While COVID-19 has devastated the economy and the community, we have responded by using new ...  
The race for global broadband satellite internet is on

Several of the world's biggest tech companies are pouring millions into developing the best ...  
Regional Australia secures own digital success despite Coalition's woeful NBN

Regional towns are securing their own digital economic futures while the Australian Government ...  
The rise of the Australian smart city

Moreton Bay is benefiting from adopting smart city infrastructure, writes Paul Budde.  
Digital infrastructure in post-pandemic era should be left to experts, not politicians

Building a stronger infrastructure to handle further crises will be best left to experts in ...  
Morrison Government deception over COVIDSafe app puts Australians in peril

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Australian Government is lying to its people about a ...  
The problem isn't technology — but self-interested politicians

The world we live in has reached a critical juncture. We are faced with many challenges and the ...  
An open letter to Scott Morrison over COVIDSafe app concerns

An open letter to Scott Morrison, PM, from Dr Lee Duffield, citizen.  
Building independent Gig Cities: The result of a second-rate NBN

Some cities in Australia are rolling out their own independent broadband networks as a result of ...  
The benefits and risks of AI and post-human life

Philosophers involved in the theories of post-humanism and transhumanism are captivated by the ...  
COVID-19 will change our use of online services — for better

The players in the telecommunications industry have decisively reacted to the COVID-19 crisis ...  
Pandemic, terrorism, climate emergency and cybersecurity

For the security of all Australians, a clear vision that goes way beyond just "cyber" security ...  
How neoliberal culture and 5G are related

With the development of 5G technology, with it has come great debate over the safety and necessity ...  
Learning from the past for a better NBN

Now that our reliance on a robust NBN infrastructure is essential, we should learn from our past ...  
Scott Morrison not up to the task of saving Australia's NBN

Through all its promises, the Coalition Government has botched the job of delivering an NBN ...  
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