Moneyed interests control the Coalition Government

How do we deal with what is happening in Australia right now?  
Julian Assange's father speaks in Brisbane about son's torture

Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, will be speaking in Brisbane at the Kurilpa Hall in West ...  
JOHN PILGER: Julian sat alone, his fist clenched and held high

I set out at dawn. Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh is in the flat hinterland of south-east London ...  
ABC and SBS fail in their reporting on Bolivia coup

The notion that Australia’s SBS and ABC are politically “Left” is wildly incorrect.   
The politicians awake: Australia calls for Julian Assange

Australians from both the public and political sectors are becoming increasingly vocal in bringing ...  
JOHN PILGER: Journalism and The Assange Effect

The mainstream media has recently declared a passion for freedom of speech — they are worried ...  
THREAD: Independent Australia looks people in the eye

Managing editor Dave Donovan discusses the importance of social media supporters to Independent ...  
What the quiet Australians will get from the Morrison Government

We’ve heard a lot about Scott Morrison’s so-called “quiet Australians”, but what are they ...  
JOHN PILGER: Assange's case will define the future of free journalism

John Pilger describes the disturbing scene inside a London courtroom when Julian Assange appeared ...  
The Coalition is falling even deeper into denial

An appearance by Liberal member Jason Falinski on Q&A has revealed the Coalition's denial over the ...  
The Morrison Government treats Australians like children

Our country's leaders are acting like overprotective parents with extreme security measures and ...  
Wren's Week: Quiet Australians are watching their nation burn

Australia is on fire and our government is offering not much more than thoughts and prayers.  
Lies from both sides in the game of politics

While unbiased reporting is essential, at times it is important for the media to recognise that ...  
Liar, liar, the bush is on fire

Has lying become the new normal for our elected officials? Dr Martin Hirst argues that events of ...  
Slow progress for NBN as mobile sector surges ahead

While fixed-line telephony traffic and revenue are declining, the mobile broadband market is ...  
Buttrose pulls 'offensive' Q&A episode in Aunt Lydia-style censorship

If you were labouring under the belief that women are free to express ourselves in 2019, last ...  
Labor election review: Facts, fallacies and the mainstream media

Last Friday’s formal report into why Labor lost the May election falls well short of reflecting ...  
The FBI tried to make Iceland a complicit ally in framing Julian Assange

Former Icelandic Interior Minister tells Independent Australia how he blocked U.S. interference ...  
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