NewsCorp, Stan Grant and the ABC: Sliding door moments

The ABC and NewsCorp are locked in a co-dependent abusive relationship. As Dr Martin Hirst writes ...  
Bring Julian home

Australian voices rally to bring Julian Assange home. Dr John Jiggens highlights the growing ...  
'The end game': Stella Assange's plea to Australia

Stella Assange's powerful address at the National Press Club implored Australians to help reunite ...  
Julian Assange unleashed a revolution in journalism

Despite criticisms, the work done by Julian Assange in exposing the truth cements his status as ...  
POEM: A tale of two Murdochs

This poem is an IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Budget Labor-ing under the weight of expectation

The 2023 Budget offers cost-of-living relief and goes some way towards tackling entrenched poverty ...  
Assange punishment shows hypocrisy of World Press Freedom Day

A day devoted to the freedom of international press does nothing towards the fate of imprisoned ...  
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King's coronation was theatre with bad actors

Millions were spent on the coronation ceremony of Charles III, a dreary occasion reminding all of ...  
Voice debate exposes a broken Australian media

Mainstream media coverage of the Voice to Parliament debate has highlighted the problem of bias ...  
Beyond the media hype: Tom Tanuki talks to Lidia Thorpe

Lidia Thorpe sets the bar with independent media's Tom Tanuki, given mainstream press can't be ...  
The espionage web that foiled Assange's freedom

Details have emerged of how a Spanish security company provided the CIA with information that led ...  
IA Writing Competition: APRIL WINNERS!

Independent Australia is proud to announce our very first IA Writing Competition winners!   
JOHN PILGER: Danger of war exists if we don't speak up now

While no threat from China exists, media propagandists are trying to ignite a war the likes of ...  
Budget season ripe for media bias

It's Budget season, which means any "stumble" by this Labor Government will likely be pounced u ...  
The time for a Murdoch royal commission is now

With a Federal Labor Government and Labor governments in all mainland states, and with the Murdoch ...  
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EDITORIAL: The time for a Murdoch royal commission is now

In recent days, the Murdoch media defamation case has set into motion a tumbling house of cards ...  
Murdoch media manipulated by misinformation monster

The mighty Murdoch media empire is now facing the consequences of spreading false narratives and ...  
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Latest evidence for Turnbull thesis good news for battered Americans

Developments in the U.S. courts concerning the Murdoch media empire have implications well beyond ...  
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