Perilous News bid for Australia Network

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Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch adding the Australia Network to his already over-inflated Australian media portfolio would be a disaster for the nation, says senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

The thought of the Murdoch controlled Sky News taking over the prestigious overseas satellite broadcasting Australia Network is too chilling to even contemplate.

To give SKY unfettered access to the already 44 countries the network services would damage Australia’s reputation, particularly if Sky happened to be in a position to draw on the services of the feral commentators already used in Murdoch newspapers and the company’s existing TV outlets.

Andrew Bolt, whose advent on the TEN network in Sydney and Melbourne as a paid lackey of Gina Reinhart’s, is a disaster.

Bolt, although he writes crap, writes it beautifully — he is master craftsman with words.

He might look good on the screen, but his forced bonhomie is galling.

In addition, he is officially a racist — something which, in the event of Sky does getting the gig, will need to be addressed.

However, Bolt is not the only problem.

Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly come to mind.

What if Piers Akerman and Tim Blair arrive on the network’s screens?

Australia’s otherwise good reputation will be trashed.

The Gillard Government owes News Limited and its subsidiaries absolutely nothing — and is certainly under no obligation to reward Sky with the contract to buy the network

The Sydney tabloid, The Daily Telegraph, is a disgraceful rag but has a very wide circulation.

It is the print version of Alan Jones — and like Jones will say anything with scant regard for fact.

Likewise, The Australian – once the flagship of the group – has a falling circulation and isn’t the opinion maker it once was.

I have always had the view that Rupert Murdoch might even shut it down once his mother is not around.

It is losing money hand over fist.

The Gillard Government must take hold of the reins of this one — and make sure the Australian Network remains in safe hands.
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