Dark side of Bumble Bizz: Predatory multi-level marketing

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Bumble Bizz shows a lack of regulation leaving some users vulnerable to scams

Once lauded for its women first approach to online networking, Bumble Bizz has become a breeding ground for nefarious business practices, Michael R Williams writes.

A LACK OF REGULATION on the popular dating-buddy-networking app Bumble Bizz has allowed room for sinister multi-level marketing (MLM) strategies that mirror the pyramid schemes of the 80s. These companies have shifted, evolved and expanded into new forms of corruption.  

The tactics employed are as follows: approach the user, ask them what their goals are, when prompted tell them you want to be retired by 30 or make enough money to live comfortably and then tell them you have a mentor who is training you to become financially independent. By this point, the hope is that you have the user hooked. "How did you get a mentor?" the potential candidate might ask.

The manipulation continues as the poor sap is "mentored" for whatever might be their entrepreneurial dream. It isn't until later that the "mentor" mentions the real expectations — to purchase inane products from the company and find new members for the cult. 

As our economy is losing low-paying jobs, get rich quick schemes are becoming more and more enticing. What new victms aren't told going in is that 73% or more of those who participate lose or make no added money in MLM schemes. This study claims that 60% of responders earned less than $500 in five years.

There may be a multitude of MLM businesses vying for suckers on the platform. The users of the platform come from a variety of companies, including Amway.

Amway has been convicted/accused of economic and tax fraud in a number of countries, including its own — the United States. A lack of interest by the Government has meant that, in Australia, the company has only ever been accused of tax fraud. But don't forget — Telstra is willing to offer a 10% discount on new phones and PV/BV benefits (a corrupted platform-based currency similar to what gambling companies use) exclusively to Amway members.

In America, they have been much more strict, only allowing the wife of former CEO Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos, to ever become Secretary of Education.

Strangely, China has made the first steps in cracking down on MLMs. This comes after deceitful and gang-like practices from American MLM companies.

According to one New York Times article, Amway has lied to a number of Chinese citizens about the effects of its products and now has its own Chinese name "an li", which is synonymous with brainwashing.

One spokesman stated that XS, Amway's Redbull, 'reduces alcohol levels in the blood by 70% and can cure depression'. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that energy drinks exacerbate anxiety and depression.

Pyramid scheme related gangs have been popping up all over China. There has been an accompanying spike in suspicious deaths for those who cannot pay off their debt. The Chinese are describing these scams as death cults.


It's not a pyramid scheme, it's a reverse funnel system

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To think we are safe from these thugs in our country is wrong. 

Very little has been reported on the true nature of Bumble Bizz. Most articles commend it for either "empowering women" or "democratising the workforce".  

These cult members are very sophisticated – perhaps too sophisticated – even for their own good and they adapt to their victims wants and desires when they are that their most fraught. 

If you are unsure whether your company is an MLM. Reddit has a list of them here.

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