Trump or Rushdie, it's the debate of ideas that matters

Whether misguided Trump supporters, Salman Rushdie, or the 'belligerati', we must be willing to ...  
Democracy is failing to tackle the climate crisis

The structures of democracy must change in order for the world to overcome crises such as climate ...  
Djokovic treatment 'drop in the ocean' compared to suffering of refugees

The recent detention of Novak Djokovic in Park Hotel in Melbourne has exposed one of our dirtiest ...  
University of Sydney plans to cut courses, threatening education standards

Teaching standards are under threat at the University of Sydney, writes Dr Daniel Gregory.  
How we are trying to buy an identity in capitalist economies

Trade deals are not really about trade.  
Trump and terrorism: The predictable link

Pundits and politicians today are being accused of stochastic terrorism. The most obvious exam ...  
Why we published Morrison's speech to the Christian Churches conference

Imagine if the Prime Minister was a hardline atheist giving speeches about political matters at ...  
Morrison wrong on presumption of innocence

The principle of the presumption of innocence has been weaponised to protect Christian Porter's ...  
Power can be taken back by exposing our oppressors

We should examine the oppressor, not the oppressed, otherwise all hope is lost.  
The Coalition Government's deficit of trust

Scott Morrison's Government has weakened our faith in democracy and democratic institutions ...  
Assange's detention violates international law: Australia must intervene

On the 7th of September, Julian Assange is scheduled to appear in a British court for several ...  
TikTok furore exposes data privacy hypocrisy in Australia and the U.S.

The controversy surrounding the video-sharing app TikTok reminds us that governments and corpo ...  
The crucial role of poets in an Australian republic

The inclusion of poets in a republic would provide marginalised elements of society with an ...  
Reclaiming our freedoms from big tech and government amid COVID-19

Issues of freedom of the press and privacy are threatened across the world, but not all hope is ...  
The Australian republic must enshrine rights for all

The republic proposal must include substantive protections for the disadvantaged, writes Dr Robert ...  
Drew Pavlou + Hong Kong International Alliance ~ more than solidarity

Due to Chinese Communist Party influences in our tertiary education system and the subsequent ...  
Economic austerity is no way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic further rubbishes the idea that austerity is an appropriate economic ...  
The need to respect human rights during COVID-19

Professor of Human Rights, Steven Greer, discusses the human rights issues animated by the ...  
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