Reclaiming our freedoms from big tech and government amid COVID-19

Issues of freedom of the press and privacy are threatened across the world, but not all hope is ...  
The Australian republic must enshrine rights for all

The republic proposal must include substantive protections for the disadvantaged, writes Dr Robert ...  
Drew Pavlou + Hong Kong International Alliance ~ more than solidarity

Due to Chinese Communist Party influences in our tertiary education system and the subsequent ...  
Economic austerity is no way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic further rubbishes the idea that austerity is an appropriate economic ...  
The need to respect human rights during COVID-19

Professor of Human Rights, Steven Greer, discusses the human rights issues animated by the ...  
Government money must go into economy to benefit all — not just business

Why would the Government buy bonds as it sells bonds? Why would it borrow money when it has its ...  
Coronavirus demonstrates that global poverty hurts all of us

Inequality and poverty make the coronavirus more difficult to manage, which should make us rethink ...  
Bushfires and COVID-19 crises reveal need for constitutional overhaul

The bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have produced grievances about our government, which is a ...  
Universal basic income is the only fair option in COVID-19 crisis

Have we all of a sudden forgotten that the global system in the current pandemic crisis was itself ...  
Make no mistake: Migrants crucial to post-COVID-19 recovery

Because Australia is a migrant settler nation, recessions here have special characteristics.  
Modern monetary theory, COVID-19 and the economy

Dr Steven Hail believes that government spending can save the economy from serious recession in ...  
Leaping into the last day of summer

History Editor Dr Glenn Davies looks at 29 February as a day to contemplate time passing.  
Assange, Collaery, Snowden, Smethurst: criminalising truth

Truth-tellers and whistleblowers need our support in Australia and across the globe, says Dr ...  
‘Hard Yakka’: Yuggera people fight for sovereignty over Deebing Creek

'Your system fails us, we gotta protect our kids — and our dead.' Michael R Williams intervi ...  
Dark side of Bumble Bizz: Predatory multi-level marketing

Once lauded for its women first approach to online networking, Bumble Bizz has become a breeding ...  
Think for Yourself: The Mandela Effect

Do you ever find yourself questioning your memory of major world events? You’re not alone, IA ...  
'Screw it': Swearing shouldn't be a crime anymore

Criminalising offensive language in public does more harm than it stops, writes Sonia Hickey.  
Nu Punk: Protest Culture is taking over

Protest culture is the new vanguard of art and culture, it's time to stand up Michael ...  
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