Andrew Bolt is - officially - a racist

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Andrew Bolt is a racist — now officially certified. Senior correspondent Barry Everingham looks at today's events in the Australian Federal Court.

In the Federal Court of Australia today, His Honour Justice Mordecai Bromberg confirmed what most fair thinking Australians have always known — that the sanctimonious know-it-all Andrew Bolt is a racist.

The lunatics will be rushing out of the asylums to decry the verdict and surprise, surprise, the first to do so was Opposition leader Tony Abbott, bleating that Bolt should have been free to say what he did.

And the racist himself, this Andrew Dolt, was, of course, seething with righteous indignation, calling the decision “a terrible day for free speech in this country”.

That, not to put too fine a point on it, is total bullshit and typical of Bolt — one of Australia’s most egregiously self-righteous commentators.

Just what right did he think he had to disparage a group of fellow Australians by alleging they used their Aboriginality, or part Aboriginality, for personal gain?

And coming from a man who has no Australian DNA whatsoever — he was born here of Dutch parents.

Bolt, of course, jumped on the Keith Windschuttle bandwagon that denied the mass destruction of Tasmania’s Aboriginals.

Then, as though that wasn’t enough, he took on the Stolen Generation, denying hundreds of Aboriginal children has been torn from the arms of their mothers and turned into virtual slaves or, in many cases, abused by so called “Christian” missionaries.

There’s something about Andrew Bolt that makes him – well, not interesting – but a curious bloke.

Take his obsession with Julia Gillard; he really is over the top when it comes to the Prime Minister — frothing at the mouth, his eyes wild at the merest mention of her name.

Could it be that he secretly loves her and has been rebuffed?

After all, the couple have spent time in Bolt’s beloved Israel on an all-expenses paid PR exercise…

Then there’s his attitude to Muslims and Sudanese migrants — many of them having fled their countries of birth to escape the destruction caused by the actions of George W Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard and their phoney “war on terror”.

Iraq and Afghanistan are the world’s most dangerous countries.

Today’s judgement was fair, it was correct and it was brave.

His Honour Justice Bromberg will be vilified for making it — but he needn’t worry when he sees the names of those responsible.

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