Northern Ireland: proof that the monarchy does not bring stability

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Roy McKeen says Northern Ireland is proof that it is the good sense of the Australian people that has brought us stability, not the monarchy.

In its editorial ‘Only the populace, not the elite, can foster a republic’ (2/4/11) The Australian said that

‘The stability afforded by constitutional monarchy was emphasised on Friday in the abbey that has served as the Coronation church since 1066.’

What stability? 

Monarchy bringing stability to Northern Ireland

During the last 47 years of Her Majesty’s reign the not-so-United Kingdom has been involved in a civil war in which more than 3,600 of Her Majesty’s subjects have been murdered and more than 40,000 injured. At the core of that civil war is the ancient Catholic versus Protestant hatred of which the British monarchy is the personification. The monarchy is a Protestant-only institution and has been since 1688 when the Bill of Rights stated that

 ‘it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this protestant kingdom to be governed by a papist’

and Catholicism was described as

 ‘impious, heretical and a damnable doctrine’.

Monarchy bringing more stability to Northern Ireland

No wonder that the all-Catholic IRA want Britain out of mainly Catholic Ireland. The monarchy has not brought stability to Canada where the French half wants to secede. It did not bring stability to Grenada in 1979 when US marines invaded and overthrew the government. It has not brought stability to Fiji where there have been several military coups.

It is ridiculous to suggest, either, that the constitutional monarchy has brought stability to Australia. It is the good commonsense of the Australian people that has brought stability to Australia. It is a stable democracy not because of the monarchy but in spite of it.

Monarchy bringing stability to Omagh, 1988
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