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THREAD: Independent Australia looks people in the eye

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Managing editor David Donovan discusses the importance of social media supporters to Independent Australia's increasing success.

IN THE PAST, I have occasionally written threads about Independent Australia and why it is a vital beacon of truth in our mostly drab and dismal media landscape. But this thread is a little different.

This thread is about you, our supporters, and how vital you have been in creating the brilliant success of Independent Australia. Without all your collective efforts, and especially many of your brilliant individual efforts, we would not be around today. Truth is, *you* are the key.

How do we love thee — you loyal, crazy, zany, astute, intelligent, expert, vast network of individuals? Well, let me count the ways.

Firstly, Independent Australia could not survive without you sharing our stories. After subscribing or donating, sharing IA stories on social media is the best help you can give. And if your followers share our stories – and theirs, and so on – then our stories spread exponentially.

You also help by talking to us. At Independent Australia, we know we're no better (or worse) than you. We're not gatekeepers, arbiters or insiders. We believe in equality, so when you tell us we did well, or badly, we listen and we learn. Thank you for your help and honesty.

We also learn from you by noting what are interested in. What makes you happy and engaged, or, all too often, annoyed or enraged. By focusing on what you are interested in, we seek to give you a voice. And your voice is so strong, it makes both the mean and mighty tremble.

We understand social media. It's more honest and real than most of the mainstream media — especially the Murdoch crap. We don't want to lecture you, control you, or tell you what to think. We ain't wannabe celebrities, we're just like you. Here to tell your stories. The ones that matter.

The thing the MSM hate most of all is that you are vast. Eyes and ears everywhere. A legion of roving reporters and photo/video journalists, who so often share your stories with us, enabling us to speak truth to power and stop the corrupt from slipping off silently into the night.

After all you do for us, it almost seems impolite to mention that also, through your financial support, you quite simply keep us going. Without your selfless donations and increasing subscriptions, we would have been crushed under the Murdoch heel long, long ago.

And now, we really need your help. If you value Independent Australia even a fraction as much as we value you, please, please! subscribe to IA and receive all the many extras the came with membership:

Subscribe HERE

Or if you already do, then please consider donating to IA. Even a quid would really help:

Donate HERE

Without you, we are just a fading memory.

And dare we ask yet another favour? Just one more? Please, please, share this thread far and wide, and as often as you can. Things are pretty tough, once again. And again, we ask you to please answer our call. The only thing left to say is thank you. Thank you so much.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Dave Donovan and the IA team

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