The Online Democracy Party: Political evolution in Australia

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Anyone who is disillusioned with the current leadership in this country is looking for real viable alternatives that focus on the people first. Enter the Online Direct Democracy Party, writes Philip Ayton.

FROM THE deep recesses of Australian politics, there is a storm brewing.

This great nation, since soon after Federation, has swung back and forth on the concept of the two party preferred system. As we enter a new era of technology and online capabilities, a new player is emerging from the wings that may be a small, but very dark horse, ready to unsetlle the comfortable existing duopoly.

Many Australians have become disillusioned with the current system of government in the country and, if one looks at the headlines, it doesn’t take much to see why.

Corporate manipulation is at an all time high. It seems corporate interests in parliament have become the foundation for Australian policy. Long lost are the people ... perhaps until now.

Nine or so years ago, an idea was born. It was a fledgling concept for a system of democracy that would give the voice back to the people, rather than decisions being based on the needs and desires of the wealthy, small vocal minorities or corporate interests. With other countries around the world trialling new methods and systems of governance, something old was being reborn into the technological age: direct democracy.

The idea slowly grew into a registered political party. The first iteration was called "Senator Online" (SOL). The name did not give much away and people at first appeared slow to embrace the concept which was simple.

Instead of handing your rights on all decisions to parliamentary representatives, the Senator Online concept was a direct representation of the peoples decisions. Your SOL representative would only vote in accordance with the “polled” majority 70% decision and, if the result was indecisive, the SOL representative would abstain from the vote.

Essentially, a direct democracy concept, now with a few successes and some changes in direction over the past few years, Senator Online has evolved into the “Online Direct Democracy Party” (ODDP).

The name well expresses the desired aims of the Party.

In essence, constituents vote for an ODDP representative and then, when a bill you have an interest in or view on is put before parliament, you cast your vote. Whether you are a member of the party or not, the results are tallied by a secure software system tailored for the job. The representative then takes the “polled decision” back to parliament and votes accordingly.

Is this the era of a true democratic voice for the Australian People? Will the people of Australia finally have a means to end the corporate entanglement within the walls of policy decisions in parliament?

The answer would appear to be a resounding YES!

Online Direct Democracy is already gaining momentum around the world and could be the logical evolution for government in Australia.

The ODDP motto is:

'We are you, empowering the people.'

Sounds pretty good to me.

Find out more about the Online Direct Democracy Party at or via the video below:

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The Online Democracy Party: Political evolution in Australia

Anyone who is disillusioned with the current leadership in this country is looking ...  
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