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The New South Wales paleo-progressive Premier Perrottet

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Some may be fooled into thinking New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet is progressive, but the proof is in the unpalatable paleo-conservative pudding.

Perrottet has tried to market himself as a small ‘l’ Liberal and unsurprisingly, the usual media suspects have subscribed to the idea of Perrottet as a progressive Liberal leader.

After all, Dom was happy to rebuke Morrison following the exposure of the former PM's many-ministry power grab. Dom has shunned election appearances with that star of unpopularity, Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton. The “progressive” Premier also had Paul Keating giving him financial advice and, he has even shared the publicity podium with the much-hated-in-conservative-circles Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, so, you know, he must be progressive, right?

Well, let’s just say that after 12 years of Coalition rule, around 16 months of them with Perrottet at the helm, New South Wales not only remains Conservative with a capital ‘C’ but as we have revealed on IA, probably deserves a capital 'C' for Corruption as well.

Only a short while ago, Perrottet insisted his family should be left out of politics, since both his brothers were embroiled in allegations of political shady dealings and then disappeared, refusing to front an inquiry. 

”Leave my family out of it!”, cried the increasingly desperate-sounding Premier.

According to Premier Perrottet, just because two of his brothers – Charles and Jean-Claude  are allegedly linked to the payment of substantial moneys for the purposes of branch stacking local councils in favour of property developers; then refused to give evidence at a State Upper House Inquiry; oh, and a referral to ICAC plus a new inquiry into the matter is to be held after the March Election, is no reason the media should be asking questions!

This week, however, we were treated to ScoMo-style front page electioneering in the form of exploiting the tragic ordeal suffered by another member of his family, none other than his wife, Helen.

Now, while no one would question the pain Mrs Perrottet has suffered, it's now okay to put your family back in it, then, Dominic? Desperate times, indeed.

Perrottet is a Trump supporter from way back, even going as far as to hail Trump's victory as "a defeat of the left-wing establishment". How very...progressive. We could probably stop this article right there but wait, there’s more.


Perrottet is also a Boris Johnson supporter. 

The NSW Premier claimed to know nothing about John “Call-Me Pork” Barilaro’s, ah, pork barrelling when it appears he certainly did.

He also claimed no knowledge of his predecessor, Gladys Berejiklian's Gun Club scandal but as we revealed, when he was Treasurer, he administered it.

Perrottet has continued the furious native forest logging favoured by Berejiklian, for which she was dubbed the "koala killer". 

And for fun, Dom appears to enjoy donning Nazi uniforms — what a card!

Apart from his support for all the above "liberal" policies, Dominic does oppose many things.


For example, while the NSW Premier is committed to protecting the "sanctity of confession", he strongly opposes any legislation that requires priests to report confessions of child sexual abuse.

Abortion is also on Dom's no-go list.

As is gay marriage, though his stance on gay conversion therapies remains unclear.

Perrottet opposed the Indigenous flag being flown on the Harbour Bridge, labelling Labor's 2018 move to do this as "virtue signalling". He eventually decided it was a “small price to pay for unity", though, so, he is clearly a non-racist now.

NSW Upper House MP Peter Poulos was eventually disendorsed by the Liberal Party for circulating revenge porn of a female political opponent. But while New South Wales Premier claimed to be "disgusted" by Poulos' behaviour, he originally stood by the MP, thus opposing actual consequences for members of his Government.

At the same time, NSW Finance Minister and Employee Relations Minister Damien Tudehope resigned from his portfolio after failing to disclose shares in toll giant Transurban. Both resignations, according to Perrottet, were Labor's fault for “weaponising” information on their misdeeds.

As seen above, any Perrottet family members having to testify about their alleged wrongdoings automatically fall into Dom's no-go territory.

What a progressive guy! 

Some may be fooled into thinking Perrottet is progressive, but the proof is in the unpalatable paleo-conservative pudding.

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