The idiocy of Joe Hockey

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There is now no chance an Abbott-Hockey Government will seek re-election in 2016; or 2015. It is just possible Abbott will be 'on the ticket'. It is certain Hockey will be vanquished, abolished, extinct by this year’s end.

This is because he is an idiot, and is seen to be, by almost all the electorate. His assertion that "poor people don’t drive cars" drew many to the hypothesis that he didn’t know what he was talking about; and his latest view, that "Sydney houses must be affordable because they’re still being bought", and the way, moreover, to get one was to secure in your twenties a high-paying job, is evidence, maybe, of brain damage, perhaps occurring during his stomach stapling by a conspiracy of anaesthetists.

Or … there may be another explanation. It’s possible, just possible, that he’s a typical fat whinger, rich-born, rich-schooled, rich-wed, unathletic, resentful, charmless and mentally second-rate, who cannot abide being bested in an argument, and always has to answer back. Instead of saying, sometimes, "yeah, fair enough", he feels deep in his bones he has to yell "but the opposite is true!" before he knows what his next sentence is.

68 per cent of the under-25s are already voting or preferring Labor. That number will be up to 75 percent after a few more days of talkback about Joe being "out of touch". This means, must mean, no Liberal government can win, or even come close, with Joe Hockey in it.

I will lay odds on this.

What might he have said, or done, instead? Well … he could have proposed a tax encouragement of 20-year leaseholds at half the price of inner-city houses now. He could have said he would legislate that no house rent in the wealthier suburbs be ever again over $900 a week and any landlord who charged more than that would go to gaol. He could have proposed that any property left unoccupied for more than three months would accrue to its owner, every week, a $1,500 fine. He could have cancelled negative gearing as of July the first this year.

He could have declared that, henceforth, no inner-city tenement could be bought for more than $800,000. He could have announced that the Government was buying, in a Keynesian move, 1,500 two-bedroom flats in the inner cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisband, and renting them for two hundred and eighty dollars a week to nurses, emergency service workers and schoolteachers who worked in the vicinity.

But no, he chose merely to advise "Marry rich, like me!" or "Become a stockbroker!" as his solution to the worst danger to our economy and our society, and the next four generations of our children, since 1929.

That’s how much of an idiot he is.

And why he can no longer be trusted as a manager of our nation’s money, and why he has to go.

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