Scott Morrison and the Pentecostal one-world government dogma

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison addresses Hillsong Conference alongside his mentor, Pentecostal Pastor Brian Houston, who is currently under investigation for failing to report child sex abuse (Screenshot via YouTube)

Former Pentecostal Christian Corrina Elaine discusses the Evangelical faith's "programming" and how his religious bias is likely to influence Prime Minister Scott Morrison's decision-making. 


Due to the precarious nature of my own mental health, I am unable to write the article I set out to do. An in-depth look at the Pentecostal belief in the eventual global take-over by a one-world government. It was foolish of me to think that I could immerse myself into this belief system again to write the article and be able to do so unscathed. Any reflection on a dogma that haunted me as a child, continues to have an impact even now, 40 years later.

Pentecostal programming

The Pentecostal Christians that I grew up with were programmed to look for signs that would usher in the return of Jesus — the Second Coming. There were sermons, visiting speakers and movies on what to look for.

My brain was coded with words and phrases that would "trigger" when one of these signs that the Bible alluded to took place. The books of Daniel and Revelation are full of them.

We were taught to listen for reports relating to terminology (and I’ll only mention a few but in fact there were many) such as:

  • the mark of the "Beast/666";
  • alliances between countries (the EU was a big trigger for me);
  • the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem — this is not just any temple it’s to replace the one that was destroyed in 70 AD, and its not to be re-built in just any location, it’s to be rebuilt on the temple mount where a cracking big mosque (the Dome of the Rock) currently sits (!);
  • anything at all that relates to Israel — war, peace, treaties, how other countries talk about them … literally anything about Jewish – God’s chosen – people;
  • a secular Jew who will come with promises of peace but will be an agent of the Devil; and (the one I wanted to write about in this article)
  • the preamble to the end of the world as we know it, any talk about a "one-world" government.

I decided not to write this story in detail because all the above terms are still loaded when I hear them mentioned. So often it happens just in passing. I have the same response that I had as a child — terror. My inner-voice becomes a harbinger reminding me that these things are coming to pass. That what I’m seeing isn’t proof of confirmation-bias, it's proof that people like me, who have turned their back on Evangelical Christianity, as well as the ones who have never believed, are doomed.

One-world government dogma

The one-world government dogma is this. That under the treachery of promises of peace and prosperity, a false prophet (a secular Jew) will install himself as leader and all nations will come under his rule because of his promises. But instead of bringing peace he will install himself and the "Beast" as unchallengeable global leaders. Anyone who opposes them will be put to death (this period is called the Tribulation) and finally, they will challenge God. God, by this stage, is a bit annoyed.

At some point – there is no consensus even within Evangelical circles on when – Christians will be taken up to Heaven. Whether they are "Raptured" before the Tribulation or mid-Tribulation isn’t clear — what they do believe is that it will happen. And when it does, the only people left on Earth will be non-believers (anyone who doesn’t believe in the Christian version of God) and people who have gotten a bit slack in their beliefs, known as "backsliders". These unlucky sods are then going to be fair game for the Devil, who’s going to be released from Hell and allowed to have his way with humanity for 1,000 years.

The Prime Minister and the Pentecostal agenda

How does this relate to Australian politics today? Well, imagine the leader of the country is persuaded by these beliefs — Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a self-declared Pentecostal Christian

Now imagine his response to the global governance of issues affecting the entire world. Can we imagine for even a moment that his views on international responses to any issue will come free from his religious bias? Does he see things in terms of rational scientific evidence? Or, is he under other influences? The Coalition Cabinet has at least one other Evangelical: Minister for Government Services, Stuart Robert, is also a Pentecostal Christian. 

Is this the reason the current Australian Government uses smoke-and-mirror tactics instead of working towards its carbon emission reduction target? And the reason for its failure to commit to genuine change being influenced by our Prime Minister's religious beliefs? 

Will Prime Minister Morrison see the irony/self-fulfilling prophecy that his inaction had led to if a global body is set up to enforce human-species-saving laws? Laws that according to world-recognised historian and expert on the topic of globalisation, Yuval Noah Harari, will need to be enacted to save the planet, and offer all global citizens the chance to prosper and also offer peaceful solutions to climate refugees?

Sounds like a one-world government doesn’t it? Oh, and Yuval Noah Harari is a secular Jew. Triggered.

Corinna Elaine is a journalist and former Pentecostal Christian.

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Scott Morrison and the Pentecostal one-world government dogma

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