Notorious climate denier Craig Kelly at it again

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Craig Kelly on 2GB with Alan Jones (screenshot via YouTube).

Official figures reveal the Liberals’ foremost climate change denying MP, Craig Kelly, resorted to lies and misinformation to dispute factual evidence in his presentation to a Sky News program.

Kelly and other MPs such as George Christensen, have helped sabotage the Federal Government’s climate change policy to a point where it is viewed as the worst in the world.

Just examine the absurd whoppers Kelly told in claiming most of the U.S.'s hottest years on record had occurred in the 1930s.

He used these lies to justify an even bigger lie:

“And only two U.S. states have had their hottest years this Century. So it’s the exact opposite of what you would expect if you listen to the alarmist rhetoric.”

So while Nobel Laureates warn of the “alarming” effects of increasing temperatures, this former furniture salesman who lists no academic credentials on his parliamentary CV, claims temperatures in the U.S. have been cooling since the 1930s.

Here’s a transcript of Kelly’s snake-oil claims:

Look at some of the data from the USA. So you look back at 50 US states from Florida all across to Alaska. You would imagine how would those states break up about where their hottest years were.


And you would imagine if you’d followed all this warming, warming, warming that all those hottest years would have been this Century.


But in fact 32 of the 50 U.S. states have had their hottest year in the 1930s or earlier.


And only two U.S. states have had their hottest years this Century. So it’s the exact opposite of what you would expect if you listen to the alarmist rhetoric. 


When do they have the most days over 95 degrees which is the equivalent of 35 degrees here celsius in Australia? Where were the most days and if you look back through the U.S. records.


Again, they had much hotter weather back in the 1930s than what they do today.


And if you look at the trend over the last Century it’s a declining trend not an increasing trend. The exact opposite of what we’re told.

The United States’ climate records are kept by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

I have searched the records, which go back to 1895, and can find no statistics to support Kelly’s claims.

The only set of figures which bear any resemblance to Kelly’s fake news are for one-off freak temperature extremes in each state.

In other words, these high temperatures do not refer to the hottest years in each state as Kelly claims, nor months nor even weeks but merely to a temperature recorded at just one weather station in each state on one day at a certain time.

As the NOAA website makes clear:

'The records are for single-station or single-point phenomena (i.e., not regional or statewide averages).'

The chicanery gets worse. Some of these record high temperatures occurred in years which – far from being a state’s hottest – were actually cooler than average.

For example, in the period from 1895 to 2019 California (1913),  New York (1926), Oregon (1898) and Vermont (1912) all had below-average temperatures for the years in which record high temperatures were recorded for those states

And only one state, Idaho (1934), had its hottest year on record in the same year in which its highest temperature was recorded.

Ironically, Kelly could have used the statistics for record one-off low temperatures to claim that more than half were recorded before the 1950s, seven of them in the 19th Century, thus (using his argument) confirming the world is warming.

Kelly’s lies constituted deliberate deceit because the correct details for each state’s hottest years are plainly available on the same NOAA website.

He is obviously familiar with the highly-detailed website, because at the start of the program he made a point of underlining the validity of the statistics, saying to host Rita Panahi that they are "the longest-running, most diverse temperature records of almost anywhere in the world."

The facts which Kelly studiously ignored are that 38 of the 49 states listed by NOAA (nearly 80%) have had their hottest years in the last decade, according to the Statewide Time Series for average temperatures in the 12 months to December each year between 1895 and 2019.

Which fits with the scientific predictions of global warming and – to misquote Kelly again – exactly the opposite of what this conman is telling us.

Only eight states had their hottest years before 1987.

All Australians should be concerned by Kelly’s lies because he has the personal backing of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who intervened before the last election to ensure the climate change denier was selected as the candidate for Hughes.

This gives Kelly credibility with the ridiculous right of the party when coal-loving Morrison, as PM, has to appeal to a broad church.

What do Kelly and his fellow supporters of fossil fuels make of the fact that the maximum temperature in Alaska was smashed last year – 6.2 Fahrenheit above average. Georgia and North Carolina also recorded their hottest years in 2019.

The big record-breaking year occurred in 2012 when NOAA reported the average annual temperature of 55.3°F in the US was 3.2°F above the 20th Century average, and was the warmest year in the 1895-2012 period. The 2012 annual temperature was 1.0°F warmer than the previous record warm year of 1998.

The second hottest year on record in the USA was 2016 and the third warmest 2017.

And to further confound Kelly, the five hottest years on record for the U.S. have all occurred since 2006 and NOAA NASA and the British Meteorology Office have announced that the last decade is the world’s hottest ever recorded.

You can read more by Steve Bishop at stevebishop.net

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