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Labor should have fixed energy crisis already, say Andrews and Hughes

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Things are deteriorating at a rapid rate under Anthony Albanese, says Liberal MP Karen Andrews (Meme by @urbanroo via Twitter)

Expect the Liberal Party's "women of calibre", Karen Andrews and Hollie Hughes, to be taking it up to the Labor Party "full bore" this week, especially over power prices. IA founder and publisher Dave Donovan reports.

WHEN PARLIAMENT resumes today for the first time since 11 April, a full 106 days ago, expect the party taking the Treasury benches to come in for a torrid time over energy policy.

Indeed, on Sky News on 17 June, Shadow Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said rising power prices would

...remind people of the promise that Anthony Albanese made when he went to the Election, which is that things are going be better under an Albanese Government.


Now, that is clearly not true as things are deteriorating at a rapid rate...

That was a full three weeks into the Albanese Government. Three weeks where little was done to slash hard-working Australians' power bills. Meanwhile, Albanese still managed to jet off on a junket to beautiful, tropical, war-torn Kyiv.

Moreover, as Andrews added sagely:

“...Quite frankly, the Labor Government has had nine years in opposition to prepare for the day that it would be in government, so there’s no excuse...”

Very true. Despite having nine years outside government with nothing to do but make plans, after two months in power with the power to fix the power price problem, Australian families are not seeing their bills steeply decline.

Is this yet another example of the Labor Party's legendary incompetence making it unfit to govern?

Yes, it is, according to another of the Liberal Party’s rising female stars, Senator Hollie Hughes, another frequent guest on Sky News, along with its sister broadcaster, the ABC.

Senator Hughes has been in the news quite a lot recently, including comments that the Coalition had lost government because of Marxist teachers.

“We’ve got an education system that’s basically run by Marxists,” claimed Senator Hughes at the Sydney Institute election post-mortem in June.

She continued:

“When kids are at school and they’re being taught all this absolute left-wing rubbish, that’s where they’re leaving school and that’s where they’re landing. When you’ve got a problem in your education system, it’s going to take a generation to fix it.”

Fortunately, Hughes also has the solution to this rising tide swamping our youth; this new “red menace”:

“Maybe their parents need to turn their internet off, limit it to one hour a day and stop them using the car to make them get public transport.”

In later comments on a different forum, Hughes strongly suggested brainwashed young socialists should give masturbation the flick — or words to that effect.

But it is in her new portfolio as Shadow Assistant Climate Change Minister that she has been most critical of the veteran Albanese Labor Government, just this month accusing its promotion of renewables as being "off with the fairies and pixie dust".

[Editor’s note: Independent Australia has been unable to so far establish whether this comment may also be a reflection on Labor’s approach to LGBTIQ+ rights and drug enforcement policy.]

On 12 July on Sky News, Senator Hughes implied that the incoming Labor Government did not find Australia’s coal “amazing” enough:

“Australia has some of the most amazing coal in the world, yet we seem to be... moving away from those coal and fossil fuel generators.”

Despite acknowledging its effect on conservative voters at the last election, Hollie Hughes maintains climate change is a “woke” luxury issue for voters and that she is not in favour of extending emissions targets.

According to the Coalition’s assistant climate change spokesperson, Australia “could shut everything down tomorrow and all go live in trees” and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Independent Australia expects Hughes to continue giving Labor similar “homespun wisdom” in Parliament this week. We expect a matter of public importance concerning Labor’s shameful inability to show leadership on energy policy and rein in power bills for struggling Aussie battlers by to be proposed by her on the floor of the Senate by Wednesday. Thursday at the latest.

It may be an interesting week in Parliament, given Labor’s demonstrable failure to solve every one of the problems facing Australia before the new Parliament sits for the first time.

Certainly, the Albanese Government faces a stern test in combatting female Liberal MPs of the calibre of Karen Andrews and Hollie Hughes, let alone even larger bores.

IA founder David G Donovan writes a Tuesday morning column, almost every week. Follow Dave on Twitter @davrosz. Also follow Independent Australia on Twitter @independentaus, on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.

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